200 Meter Dash

By:Christopher Palmer

The Sprinters

200 Meter dash is a sport where you need to be fast, quick, agile, and endured. Although 20 seconds might not seem long but when you half to run 200m (656 feet) It is very hard to run for that long. In fact the 200m competitors are sprinters not long distance runners so they half to hold thier pace that is usually half that for twice as long.

Why is There a Difference?

The main reason why there is a difference between the men and women is that the men generally have more muscle mass and are taller. This alows for longer and quicker strides whichis whywe see faster times in the men than in the women.


The goal is to find at what year if ever the women will pass the men in the 200 Meter Dash. The answer is no the point where the women will be faster than the men would be in the year 1875 which at that point the Olympics did not exist. So theoretically the men will always be faster than the women in the 100 meter dash according to past records.

Scatter Plot

In the Scatter Plot the Men's times are represented by the blue squares and the Women's times are represented by the red Xs. As the data showed the men are quite a bit faster than the women throughout te years and are preaty steadily keeping the trend.

Line of Best Fit

The line of best fit shows the generall progession throughout the years. I shows that the women are generally staying at the same pace but the men are getting faster so you can see the gap between them grow throughput the years.


The intersection point between the two genders represents whenthe women would be faster than men and how fast they would have to run. As the Picture below shows the women would be faster than the men in the 1875 but as we know the olympics started in 1896 so theoretically the men will always be faster than the women if the pattern continues.
Big image

The X Intercept

The X Intercept is the point where the time starts and X=0 That means that the Person ran the 200 meters is 0.000 seconds which is impossible. That would mean the Man or Women was going infinite amount of miles per second.

The Y Intercept

The Y intercept is Year 0 which is way before the olympics were ever thought of. The time is the x axis so the point in where the time starts is at the Y intercept. Meaning negative x it the years in B.C.