Henry David Thoreau

The judge

Child hood.

Henry david Thoreau was born and raised in Concord Massuchutes. He was born on July, 12, 1817. he died in 1862. Growing up Henry was nicknamed "Judge" for his seriousness in school.

Entry to adult hood.

Henry never did have a wife that we know of. Both his brother and sister were school teachers, and his father owned a pencil factory in Boston. But after his school career he went to Harvard University and studied Latin and Greek grammar.

what was wrong with soceity and what was Henrys motivation

Society wanted people to look a certain way or dress a certain way, and Thoreau wanted everybody to be their true selves. So he inspired our country to let people be themselves.

acomplishments and his death

Henry did not support the Mexican-American war so he refused to pay his taxes and was jailed for it in 1848. Also when the fugitive slave act was passed Thoreau hid slaves in his home to help them reach their freedom.

Thoreau had been suffering from tuberculosis since 1835 and before he died he went to Minnesota to try and boost his health, that failed so he came back to concord were he was born and published his last book called the Maine woods. Henry David Thoreau had died of tuberculosis in 1862