JKES 3rd Grade Newsletter

August/September 2023

What's Happening in 3rd Grade:

Welcome to 3rd Grade!

We enjoyed meeting everyone who came to Open House! Here is a reminder to please complete any beginning-of-the-year paperwork and return it to school with your child.

The first month of school will focus on learning expectations and routines, reviewing important content from 2nd Grade, and completing assessments to determine your child's strengths and needs.

Your child will learn about our school's P.R.I.D.E. expectations. These will be sent home for you to reinforce and remind - thank you!

Please reach out to your child's teacher via email or Talking Points if you have any questions or concerns.

Current Learning Goals

Math: Telling time to the nearest minute, Elapsed time, Place value to the thousands, Single step addition and subtraction, Bar graphs

Language Arts: Pre-reading strategies, Closed syllables, Glued sounds, Suffixes, Plurals, and 1-1-1 spelling rule

Science: Ecosystems of Africa, Simple machines, Forces
Social Studies: Geography of seven continents, Ancient Egypt


Math: Google search an analog clock on any device and have your child practice reading the time, skip count by 5s to practice reading minutes on a clock, have your child calculate what time you should leave your house to get somewhere on time (ex: "Soccer practice starts at 4:00. If it takes us 30 minutes to drive there, what time should we leave the house?"), write a 4-digit number on a paper and ask your child to read the number and identify each place value, give your child an addition or subtraction problem to solve (example: 52+39)

Language Arts: Your child should read for 20 minutes every day at home - you can ask them questions about what they read, such as "What was the most important thing you read?" "Tell me about the main character." "Did you read any words you were unsure of?" Visit Handley Library and apply for a library card!!

Science: Ask your child to identify what species of animals and plants you can find in Africa, do a simple machines scavenger hunt at home or while driving in the car

Social Studies: Ask your child to tell you three facts he/she learned about Ancient Egypt, review the names of all the seven continents

The best way to support your child's learning is to show interest in what they do at school. When they get home each day, ask them about their day and what they are learning. 😁

Important Reminders

  • Students may bring a water bottle to school with them if they wish
  • All toys and electronics should be kept at home - they are not permitted at school
  • Hats and hoods cannot be worn while at school
  • Students should wear appropriate shoes on P.E. days
  • Students should return checked-out books to school on Library days
  • Students should be reading at home every day for 20 minutes
  • Please check your child's take-home folder every week for important papers and completed work - celebrate your child's hard work with them!!


Your JKES ELL Team is ready! Our language teacher for 3rd grade will be Hannah Obitts. Mrs. Obitts will begin the year by testing new arrivals to determine if language services are necessary. Students who speak a language other than English at home may also be assessed for services. Here are a few reminders as we begin the new year:

  • Talking Points is an app you may add to your phone. It is a free application that lets you communicate with your children's teachers and school. You will be able to send and receive messages through this application in your preferred language. TalkingPoints will translate your message into English for teachers.

  • If your student took the WIDA ACCESS Test in February of last year, their results will be sent home shortly with additional WIDA and ELL service information. Our ELL students did an excellent job on their WIDA tests. Our scores were awesome.

  • If you need translation assistance to contact the school, your child’s teacher, or if you have questions about school, please contact Ana Martinez-Villa, our Parent Liaison. Her email address is martineza@wps.k12.va.us

Upcoming Dates

August 10: First Day of School!

August 22: Field Trip to MSV

September 1: No School (Teacher PD Day)

September 4: No School (Labor Day Holiday)

September 13: PTO Meeting (6:30pm)

September 25: Fall Picture Day

TBD: Fall Reading and Math SGA

Contact Information

Ms. Doering doeringr@wps.k12.va.us

Mrs. Maher robertsona@wps.k12.va.us

Mrs. Earhart earhart.rennie@wps.k12.va.us

Ms. Pecoraro pecoraroo@wps.k12.va.us

Ms. Toth tothh@wps.k12.va.us

Mrs. Obitts obittsh@wps.k12.va.us

JKES Front Office Phone: (540) 662-3945