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What a week.....

This week was jammed packed with events. And we are not done yet.

Veteran's day was again so very moving. For those of us who have military in our family we can connect with them. Thank you for all of you recognizing our Veteran's and helping make the flags for the kids. It is a pretty awesome view. Thank you Chelsey for the terrific choir and all of the people who helped set up after school on Monday. Below is an email we got Tuesday morning from a family who attended. The parent told me this is his third year to attend. Prior to our program he would not talk about his experiences in Vietnam. He came home on a stretcher unable to walk. Since he has come to our celebration, he has started talking more about his experiences and has joined a veteran's group.

Dear Boone Faculty and Staff,

Thank you for a beautiful Veterans Day tribute. It was very touching and I felt such pride for all veterans as well as for the young people in the choir and in the audience. They were all very respectful and the choir did an excellent job. Thank you so much.

Thank you for everyone's participation in our staff development yesterday. And thank you for the leadership from Stephanie with iStation. I appreciate everyone's feedback. Those teachers not here yesterday, please take a minute to review the Professional Responsibilities PPfT section with your team. Do a quick check in on the sections, expectations, etc. We reviewed that for about 15 minutes yesterday at our afternoon portion.

We had a small but good group of parents here for the principal coffee for Yasmin Wagner, our new school board member. Thank you to everyone who has been so flexible with library schedules this week for Veteran's day and this coffee.

Next week is super busy: AVID/College week and Tobacco Awareness week. Thanks for using the lessons Nicole found for you to do for college week. We can't wait to see what the classes create.

Tomorrow is Donuts for Dads. Such a busy morning for everyone.

From the rest of the week


Nov 12 PTA Bingo Night 6:30-7:30
Nov 12 Climate committee 3pm
Nov 13 Kathy, CVT meeting 9-11
Nov 13 Donuts for Dads
Nov 13 TGIF
Nov 14 Tech Innovation Summit PAC 1-4
Nov 14 Amy Negrete's birthday
Nov 15 Chelsey and Christina' birthday
Nov 16-20 Tobacco Awareness week/College week
Nov 16 Last Boone University
Nov 17 AAPSA for Kathy am
Nov 17 DAC for Kathy and Beth Ann
Nov 17 CST/ARD meeting
Nov 17 GT selection committee
Nov 18 Principal meeting-Kathy
Nov 18 CLI committee meeting 3pm
Nov 18 5th grade to UT
Nov 19 Progress reports go home
Nov 19 Thinking Thursday
Nov 19 CAC meeting
Nov 19 Spirit Night
Nov 20 Fourth grade performance at assembly
Nov 20 New student tours-Kathy 8:30
Nov 20 Staff Luncheon
Nov 20 TGIF
Nov 23 First grade field trip
Nov 24 Legacy of Giving collection day at the food bank 5th grade
Nov 24 ARD/CST day
Nov 25-27 Well deserved Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28 Laura's birthday
Nov 30 Faculty meeting
Nov 30 MOY science 5th, Writing 4th
Nov 30-Dec 4-Book Fair
Dec 1 ARD/CST day
Dec 1 Final CIP due
Dec 2 Principal meeting
Dec 2 Bake sale after school for safety patrol
Dec 2 Reading MOY 5th
Dec 2 PTA executive board meeting
Dec 3 Bake sale after school for safety patrol
Dec 3 MOY science 4th
Dec 3 MOY math 5h
Dec 3 1st grade musical 5pm
Dec 3 Keyla's birthday
Dec 4 1st grade musical at assembly
Dec 4 TGIF
Dec 4 Sharon's birthday
Dec 5 PTA Breakfast Baazar 9-12