All about Carly Manning


Hit-Hit-Pull is the sport I call competitive cheer-leading! This is a very intense sport. This

article will be about someone who has a passion for it and never stops! And maybe you will change your mind about cheer-leading.


In the beginning, Carly manning started at the age of 5 at Paramount Comets. At age 8, she moved to Cheer Athletics. Carly manning was on Small Senior 5, and junior level 5. Carly attended her first world championship, she would give up anything for cheer.

Carly manning has never watched t.v. in her life. To get to her gym it takes 2 hours from where she lives. She cheers at Cheer athletics still, along with cheering until her body breaks. Its been at least 10 years.

Cheerleberity life

As well, Carly became famous because on instagram she has 443,000 followers.She didn't make an instagram to be famous, she also does not like the inappropriate comments. Ever since her team and her have won worlds, she has became way more famous. Her kick full double kick full, is what she is known for in cheer history. Carly’s team is very strong so, is she. She wishes she could live a more normal life. She likes to hangout with friends but, never gets the time to because she has cheer.

Carly's talents and competition awards

throughout the years,Carly has achieved plenty of talents, Her outstanding kick full double kick full is pretty famous. Her tumbling is excellent also. She has every skill from level 1 to 5, and the level 5 tumbling is intense. She has had a lot of injuries because of her talents. Carly has also won a lot of competition awards. She won worlds in 2011 and 2009. Thats throughout the whole entire world! Carly has won 5 NCA championships with the Wildcats. Her and her team are back again to win the world championships.

High School life

On the other hand, Carly has 16 hours in a day. Her mom picks her up everyday from school and drives her to Cheer Athletics. She catches up on dreadful homework in the car along with some sleep. Her friends see her as normal. Carly does high school cheer along with competitive cheer. She has massive amount of friends and usually never gets to hang out with them because of her busy schedule. Carly gets home at 11 p.m. each night. She Doesn't really have time for homework when she gets home so, she does it in the car or at school in study hall.

In Conclusion

Will Carly ever live a normal life? Will her time eventually come to stop cheer?

I learned that it takes time to become a cheerleader like carly! You just keep trying and never give up! You have to have confidence if you're a cheerleader too.