Brochure of the Renaissance

August 19-27 2015

Stop #1 - di Lasso - Mons, Belgium

Today in our first stop of, 'Tour of Low Countries & Co.', we will be visiting Mons, Belgium. We are visiting Mons because a man called 'Orlando di Lasso' was born here, a great Flemmish composer who died in Munich, Germany in 1594.

Stop #2 - Sweelinck -Amsterdam, Netherlands

As we head on over to another stop, we stumble upon a very famous composer's home town, Amsterdam, Netherlands, home of Sweelinck. Sweelinck was a man that grew up to take his dads spot at the Oude Kerk (Old Church), Amsterdam, were we would have that job until his death in Rotterdam.

Stop #3 - Binchois - Hainaut, Belgium

We are now middway in our tour and you are wodnering, where are we going next? Well, we are going to one of the 'Low Countries', to be exact, Hainaut, Belgium. We are here in Hainaut because of a Flemmish composer, that did secular chansons and church music, this man is called, Binchois.

Stop #4 - de Prez - Rome, Italy

After going to a lot of 'Low Country' cities, we have decided to head out to Rome, Italy. Although Italy isn't in the 'Low Countries', Rome was a very important place for a man called Josquin de Prez. Josquin was famous in Rome, Italy for serving in the papal choir under the name of Pope Innocent VIII.

Stop #5 - Ockeghem - Antwerp, Belgium

As we start to end this tour, I have one final 'Low Country' stop, we are going to Antwerp, Belgium. In Belgium, we will go to the Antwerp cathedral, to see the area were Ockeghem's first recorded song was in. Ockeghem also went to different cities to expand his music knowledge.

Stop #6 - Dufay - Cambrai, France

For our final stop, we decided to go on another adventure outside of the 'Low Countries'. Although we are not very far from the 'Low Countries', this area isn't counted as one of them. They reason why we stopped here was to visit the city were Dufay was born in. Dufay was a French composer, and a lot like Binchois, he too, did secular chansons and church music.