Biology Update/Final Exam Info

Final Issue: 7/5/14

This is the final week of the semester!

Check Grades: Last Grade Update!

Grades are updated by the teacher daily. Zeros are entered for missing assignments from the student's schedule. Students and parents should review grades and notify the teacher of any issues. Students are encouraged to turn in missing work for partial credit according to GaVS late policy.

Since Friday was a holiday, and GaVS is closed, the late work policy for Wednesday and Thursday's work will be as follows:

Work due Wednesday:

-25% if submitted on Thursday

-50% is submitted Friday - Monday

Work due Thursday:

-25% if submitted by Monday

-50% if submitted by Tuesday

I cannot accept any late work after Wednesday, July 9th. Please be sure you are caught up and get all work in by that day!

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This Course Closes on July 11th.... What Then?

This course will no longer be accessible after July 11th. Please view your progress before that time.

If you are a student who is taking the EOCT after the course closes, you are advised to print/save the module information and any other materials before July 11. You will still have access to USA Test Prep for studying.

Students grades should be released on July 17th and are viewable in the student portal by selecting the grades link.* Questions about final grades should be directed to your facilitator.

*Public school students who have not yet taken the required EOCT will have a grade that reports as incomplete.

Things to Know if you're taking the Final Exam in the Course: (Private/Homeschool students)

  • When is the exam? Log in and take the Final Exam on Thursday, July 10th between 12:00am and 11:59pm. The final exam is timed to 90 minutes. The exam must be taken in one sitting. There are no alternative testing dates. The exam will shut off at 11:59 whether you are finished or not.
    What does the exam cover? The Final Exam is cumulative. This means it covers both semesters of Biology. The last unit of the course reviews both semesters and has required review quizzes built in to help you focus your studying.
  • How much is the exam weighted? The Final Exam counts as 20% of your Course Grade for Biology B.
  • Where do I find the exam? It is located in the same places where quizzes/tests are taken, at the bottom of the list. It is only visible during the time frame above.

A final note: Technical difficulties is not an excuse for not completing the final exam, as is stated in GAVS policy. It is the student's responsibility to plan ahead for enough time, a reliable computer, and a secure internet connection before beginning.

How/What to Study for the Biology Final Exam or EOCT:

attend a final exam review session

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