Thai effect on Texas

This is on how Thai's effect the Texas and US population

Thailand is a very festive country

They celebrate many different festivals and are mainly a Buddhist population. There are not many in Texas but they still have an effect and there is still a population of Thais in Texas

Push and Pull factors

Pollution is increasing at a rapid rate, Bangkok increases the standard by 2.5 times. Also over 22% of the population are under the poverty line, it is a very poor country in some areas.

In Texas there is no state income tax, Affordable land, low poverty rate.

Thai Population in Texas

(Above) is a map of the Thai population in Texas in 2000

Yi Peng

This is a festival in which they fly lanterns on the full moon on the second month on the Lanna calender. The lanterns are meant to look like jellyfish packs in the sky.

Ponchai Wilkerson

Death row inmate, arrested for the murder of a jewler. Wilkerson and his Death Row cellmate took a guard hostage and demanded to be released, the guard was eventually taken back unharmed, and Wilkerson was killed by lethal injection. He was not given a last meal, and was forced to go to the chair by force with a mace like substance.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is a famous all american golfer, he has broken multiple golfing records. He has won the PGA player of the year award 10 times, The Byron Nelson award 8 times, He has had more career major wins than any active golfer. His middle name is Tont, which is also a traditional Thai name.

Fun Facts

Many Thai restaurants (in Thailand) are actually portable, they are carts and the owner will have tables and chairs and set up and make food. Thailand is the only country in southeast Asia that was not colonized by Europe. 10% of Thais live in Bangkok which is the capital, and largest city. 10% of all bird species live in Thailand, a greater proportion than both Europe and America. Thailand is home to the worlds most poisonous snake, the King Snake, in one bite it can kill an elephant. In Thailand, it is referred to as the "Two Stepper" meaning that if someone is "hit" while running, they will be dead within two steps. Siamese cats are also native to Thailand.

Overview Paragraph

Texas is one of the most Thai populated states in the US with 5,816 Thai's mainly in Dallas. Even though there are not many you will see quite a few throughout Dallas and Austin, there are many authentic Thai restraunts in Texas as well. There are also places for Thai students to learn their culture as well as ours.

Is Texas Better Off With Immigration?

Yes, I think that it brings new cultures and a new lifestyle in general to our state. It makes us more comfortable with a diverse environment, and helps us adapt to different areas if we go there. Texas is a pretty diverse state so we are used to being around other races, but we take this for granted. Many other places people from foreign countries are criticized about race and I am glad we were introduced to other races, for it will help later on in life.


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