Bill Peet (Peed)

By Gabby

Who is Bill Peet ?

Have you ever heard of Bill Peet ? He was a Disney animator.who made with a lot of characters and helped a bunch too.

Life before fame !

Bill Peet was born in Grandview,I.N in 1915 three years after the Titanic sank. His real name was Bill Peed but he changed it to Peet. He used to sketch the big top of a circus tent. Bill went Arsenal Technical high school in Grandview. He got a scholarship at John Herron art institute in Indianopolis.

How He Got to be Famous.

He got a job at Walt Disney also, he was associated with 101 Dalmations . Bill Peet illistrated over 40 books and was Walt Disney''s greatest story man.

Who he Helped Create.

Bill helped create Kermit the Hermit, Dumbo, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, 101 Dalmations, Song of the South, Pinochio, Cinderella, Jungle Book, Ben and Me , and Peter Pan.

Important Events in Bill Peet's Life .

He joined Disney in 1937 and his first show was Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

My Conclusion

Bill Peet's life was amazing he had fun oppurtunities and he lived his life through it. Bill lived a long life he died in 2002 at 85 years old. His life at Disney still lives on.
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