Ancient Greece

By: Rebekah Kalina


My project is on Ancient Greece. I have been studying democracy, and how their government worked. I also studied the area of Pericles. The last one that I studied was slavery in Ancient Greece. I have learned that Ancient Greece has come a long way from 300 bc.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

About half of the people that lived in Ancient Greece were slaves. The money the citizens got from the working slaves gave them time and money to do art and serve the state. Slaves that had one education or could be taught were very wanted. Most slaves lived a miserable life. Some slaves were able to save their earned money to buy freedom.

Daily life in the age of Pericles

The Athens lived in two story sundried brick houses. Their two meals a day had no meat only bread, vegetables, broth, fruit and wine. Since there was no plumbing they used the sreets for all their waste. Outside was where real life happened there was a lot of talking athletic excersizing and state festivals. Spinning and weaving jobs around the house kept women around the house. The only time they were seen in public was at the theater but as long it was tragedy.

Athens in Democracy

The word democracy comes from a Greek word meaning "by the people". The city-state was a building were people gathered to discus policy and law. Men were the only ones to make decisions, women could not. The Greek people are called Athenians. We have them to thank for inventing democracy.


I am glad I studied Ancient Greece. I thought that Greece never had slaves. My other topic was Daily life in the age of pericles. I learned that Athenians ate no meat for their meals but only vegetables, bread fruit, broth, and wine. My other topic was Athens in Democracy. I learned a great deal from all of them.


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