By: Emily Cummmings

The Judaism Religion

What is Judaism? Judaism is a monotheistic religion and its followers are called Jews. A monotheistic religion is a religion that believes in one god. The god that the Jews believe in is the God of Abraham. They believe this God's name is Yahweh. The jews have many sacraments two main sacraments are Kosher foods which include no pork,shellfish, or mixing of milk and meat products. BarMitzvah for boys at age 13 or batmitzvah for girls at age 12; a bar/batmitzvah is when one is now a full member of the congregation. The Jew's common holy site is the holy temple in Jerusalem. This is important to them because it is a sacred building and a main part of their religion. Their holy books (or sacred texts) are Torah,Nevi'ium, Ketuvuim the jews believe these are holy and are words from holy people. The Jews Sabbath day starts on Friday at sunset and ends on Saturday. The Jews worship in synagogues and listen to their worship leader the Rabbi. The three most common sects (or denomination) are Orthodox, Reform, and Liberal. The main holidays in the Jewish religion are Rash Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Hanukkah.These holidays celebrate all of the Jewish beliefs and help the Jews better understand what they believe.
The religious figure common in all the other religions is Abraham. To the Jews, Muslims, and Christians Abraham is the person that founded God. The view about God common in all religions is that he was founded by Abraham and that he is the only God.