Guatemala information

Guatemalas capitol is Guatemala city and some of its major cities are poptan ,Livingston ,and Iztapa . It was controlled by another country's top first . The country they were ruled by at firstwas the Spanish and it gained its independence in 1821 but became fully independent in 1841. It's official language is Spanish.

Tourist information

People should vist Guatemala because it is a beautiful and intersecting place with a lot of history and a lot remarkable of physical features. The tourist should go see the chicatenary market , the volcan papaya ,and Tikal.

Guatemala is located in central America next to e'l salvador and Hondurus

Some physical features include lake Izabal, Lake Atitlam,and the pasion river

Guatemala's government

Guatemala is a presidential representative democratic republic . They have a president and his name is Otto Perez Molina . They have a strong economy and it is on good terms with other country's .

Economy and trade info

Guatemala's currency is the Guatemalan quetzal .There economic system is a capitalism government which is like the United states . They import and export a lot of goods from many different country's .They import refined petroleum ,cars ,packaged medicaments ,delivery trucks and broadcasting equipment . They import these goods from the U.S ,Mexico, China ,El Salvador ,Columbia .They Export coffe ,raw sugar , Bannas , Gold ,and metal ores . They export goods from U.S ,El Salvador ,Honduras ,Mexico ,Coasta rica.