Prince Hamlet of Denmark

Death by Poison


Hamlet was 30 years of age when he died. Son of the late King Hamlet and the Queen Gertrude, Hamlet was a charismatic young man who strayed from the right path around the end of his life. In a twist of events closely following the death of his stepfather and mother, hamlet died from a poisoned cut that was giving to him by Laertes. He died valiantly while trying avenge the death of his father who we now know was killed by his stepfather. No other prince shall follow Hamlet and ever come close to being like the great Prince Hamlet of Denmark. His burial will be on Febuary 8, 1602.

Polonius, Chief counselor to the king

Polonius was one of the few fairly normal characters in the play. His main motivation was being there for his kids and moving up the hierarchy of the castle. He was a "simple" man who was not aware of the drama that was unfolding behind the scenes. He wanted Ophelia to stay close to him and for her to not bother with Hamlet. He was ignorant in the way that he couldn't see the story and the bigger picture even as it was unfolding right under his nose. It eventually came to back to haunt him in Act III, scene IV with his death.

As far as the play went, Polonius added another character that would help with the dynamic between Ophelia and Hamlet. We could all see that almost everything that Ophelia did and said was engineered by her father Polonius. Hence, everything that Ophelia did to/with Hamlet was all most always Polonius's idea. In this sense, Polonius was basically playing the part as himself as well as Ophelia. We could also see that he was a large and overall good force in Laertes life unlike the new king Claudius. In Act 1, scene II, Polonius was even talking to Laertes about acting rationally and being a good guy. This reflects a great deal on what type of guy Polonius was. In the end he was an eager, nosy, man who just wanted everything to go over smoothly for his family as well as the new king.