By: Gavin Ritchie

History of the Ballad

The ballad has been in use for centuries now. They were first started in Great Britain. "The ballad began as a type of folk song that told an exciting story." (History of the Ballad. Poetryroad.)

Purpose of the Ballad

The purpose of the ballad was first used as a song. This "song" would usually consist of tragedy, such as death. If it didn't do this, it would recall events from history. (History of the Ballad. Poetryroad)

Characteristics of the Ballad

The ballad uses simple words. It recalls tragedy or history for its main purpose. "Modern ballads now consist of rhythmic, narrative structure, and dramatic style." (History of the Ballad. Poetryroad.)

Example of a Ballad


I have the words To move you You cannot sense You cannot feel The letters too One day You will see all of my heart All of the words That I convey What I should have said Right from the start I can only write Words That mean, all of me That is how you will begin To see my inner light Reading all of me Releases what you thought All the things you call me In my words Is what you ever sought The key to unlocking me Is to read the words So beautiful That lie in my heart If you could only see....... Matthew.B(Words. Poetry Soup.)

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