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Thank You Leigh Anne!

Training Module #4 -The Art of Radio

Leigh Anne delivered a GREAT training session this week.

What You Learned:

  1. How to Make Compelling Radio
  2. Interviewing Techniques
  3. Planning Exciting Public Affairs Programming
  4. Promoting Your Program



Listen to Leigh Anne above

Host, Leigh Anne Kranz of Bread and Roses, welcomes Sandra Cisneros, internationally acclaimed author of The House on Mango Street. Her new illustrated novel, Have You Seen Marie? was written in the wake of her mother's death and explores the netherworld between loss and healing, and the spiritual awareness that can only enter a heart that has been broken open.

We discuss her work, writer's life, and experiences as a self-described "chingona" (a strong, independent woman) despite societal, cultural and familial pressure to conform to traditional gender roles.

Sandra Cisneros - Early Life

Why SGMN is Excited To Have Leigh Anne Kranz:

Leigh Anne Kranz

Producer, KBOO Radio | Member since 2013

About Me:

World Pulse editorial mentor, radio producer.

I volunteer at KBOO--Portland, Oregon's independent community radio station; a member of the Bread and Roses collective--the longest-running feminist radio program in the US.

I enjoy helping women and girls build radio skills to bring their voices to the airwaves.

My Passions:

Empowering women and girls to raise their voices. Nature. Peace on Earth. Re-examining "Traditions" that harm women and girls.

My Challenges:

Inspiring male allies to help end female oppression, and teach and mentor each other.

My Vision for the Future:

I believe that women's co-leadership is vital to the survival of our species and planet. Women's views must be respected, at the small and large tables where decisions are made, to shift everything back into balance.

Other Sites I Like:

KBOO Community Radio

Rural Girl Child Mentorship (RGCM Uganda)

Module #4 - Preparing, Producing and Hosting a Top Notch Radio Show

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