The First Emperor Of China

Quin Shi Huangdi

Quin Shi Huangdi

He Built a bit of the great wall of china and is still standing there today

He executed people, burnt them and chopped there heads of

He Did the currency so then people when they went around there country but not out international they didn't have to get new money

He was the first Emperor of China

He ruled until his death in 210 BC at the age of 49


First emperor of the Quin dynasty in ancient China. Brought the Period of Warring states to an end by unifying the nation under his control.

He built a canal connecting the Yangtze to central China and constructed the first Great Wall of China.

He was a real mean guy who overtaxed his people and forced them to work on his public works projects, after he died the people overthrew his successor, bringing the Qin dynasty to an end. Shihuangdi was buried in the place where all the terra cotta soldiers where found