Monday Message

Week of April 23rd- April 27th

Happy Monday and welcome back from a well-deserved 3-day weekend! Here is a look at our week ahead:

Monday, April 23rd:

10:15 ARD Staffing (Kelly)

10:15 RTI (Traci)

12:25 ARD (Kelly)

12:30 LEAD EOY (Traci)

1:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

2:15 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

3:20 SOS Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

Tuesday, April 24th:

*5th Grade will be off campus on a field trip to Waco*

8:35 3rd Grade PLC

9:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly

11:15 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

12:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

2:05 ARD (Kelly)

3:00 ARD (Traci)

Wednesday, April 25th:

* I will be off campus all day at the monthly principal's meeting*

8:35 4th Grade PLC

3:20 RTI (Traci)

Thursday, April 26th:

*Traci will be off campus in the morning at LPAC & SSI training*

8:35 5th Grade PLC

9:25 ARD (Kelly)

10:15 ARD (Kelly)

12:30 Pre-Construction Meeting (Kelly & Traci)

2:00 GT Selection Committee (Kelly & Traci)

3:20 Faculty Meeting

Friday, April 27th:

*DIA Day - See the schedule Whitney provided. Can't wait to see everyone dressed up!*

8:00 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

12:25 ARD (Traci)

12:30 LEAD EOY (Kelly)

2:05 ARD (Kelly)

7:00 LISD Awards Banquet

A Peek At Last Week

That's all I have - let me know if anything has been left out and I will be happy to add it. Have a fabulous week!