El Nino

Weird Weather Phenomena

Facts About El Nino:

  • No two El Ninos are exactly the same in intensity.
  • El Nino can last anywhere from 9 months to several years.
  • El Niño is Spanish for “Christ child”. It was named this because it usually appears in the winter, around what some people call the Christmas season.
  • El Nino causes lots of disruption for sea creatures, and can be detrimental for fishermen and other professions that rely on marine life for livelihood.
  • El Nino has been known to reduce the number of hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean.
  • El Nino has a counter climate change called La Nina.
  • While El Ninos occur when tropical Pacific waters are warmer than usual, La Ninas occur when tropical Pacific waters are colder than usual.
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