Mapp vs. Ohio

Rachael and Rebecca Boyles

The Case

Ms. Dollree Mapp was accused of hiding a person in her house who was a suspect in a bomb case. She refused to let police search her home until they had a warrant. After several hours of watching her house, police went up to her door, flashed a paper that they claimed was a warrant (which was not) and searched her house. They found pornographic material in her home and charged her with possession of obscene materials.

The Decision

Mapp claimed the materials were obtained illegally by police. She appealed her conviction by freedom of expression. Ohio Supreme Court found her guilty and sentenced her to jail (after losing her appeal). She repealed and case was take to the U.S Supreme Court, which ignored the First Amendment issue. They determined that evidence obtained through a search that violates the Fourth Amendment is inadmissible in state courts. The decision set into motion how to determine how and when to apply the exclusionary rule.The judgement of the Supreme Court of Ohio is reversed, and the case remanded for further proceedings not inconsistent with this opinion.