Our society is laden with flaws, some more troublesome and frown-worthy than the others, all of them though, undeserving of any space in our society. Body shaming is probably one of the most ancient and impressionable ones. People are rebuked for having too skinny bodies or for being overweight. And usually, the inflictors are our friends or family. So many of us are called out for not living up to society’s ‘ideal weight’ norms.

So, fear and shame usually drive many over the edge. People start going out of their ways to shed the weight to comply with the norms. They run miles, drink liters of water, cut out on all kinds of food (unintentionally even the good ones), do unhealthy diets, all of that collectively makes their health take a dip, instead of triggering weight-loss.

NO. Being on a water-only diet, to achieve zero figure, or going on keto, weeks before a wedding is NOT cool.

Having said that, once in a long while, something revolutionary comes along, having slumbered near the surface all the while, giving people hope and showing the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Liv Pure is one such revolutionizing product that changes the way we deal with weight-shedding.

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People have had disturbing experiences with being overweight and these stories can be heard all over the world, tinged with false, unacceptable, plastic norms. Stacey, a 43-year-old woman, narrates her story of how it all started when she was overweight as a kid. How her own grandfather body-shamed her, knowingly or unknowingly when she was 6 years old while posing for a family picture on Christmas.

She shares how embarrassing she felt and how defiantly she refused to ‘suck her tummy in’. Things like that are likely to leave a mark on you, and it did on her. When her weight did not stop increasing she tried everything in the textbook.

Heavyweight, lengthy, and hectic gym routines, to cutting off carbs, taking protein-loaded diets, jogging in the evenings, and whatnot, but to no effect. When nothing worked, she started having problems with sleeping. On one of these restless nights, scrolling moodily she came across what seemed a miracle at first sight.

It was a video explaining how Meticore works and how it aids you to lose those extra pounds like sweat and water. She was so thrilled and curious by its deep-sleep weight-loss idea that she ordered 90 days worth of Meticore supplies for her.


When she woke up after the first time, she tried it out, there was a 2 pounds drop in her weight, but cynical as she was, she brushed it aside, till it happened again, and again, and again. Get ready to be shocked. In less than a month, she ended up getting rid of 30 pounds, which is like a pound every single day. Do you think it is astonishing? But wait, there is more.

In a period spanning over three months, Stacey ended up losing a whopping 74 pounds. Now that is what we call progress. All of it, though, she accredits to Ikarai juice deep-sleep inducing formula, which gives a kick to the generation of human growth hormone. That very hormone then works on your metabolism, fixing it, and contributing to your body’s speedy fat burning process.

The shocking results! (Fat-Dissolving Tropical Loophole)

Saying that it is a supplementary product will be putting it mildly. It is a complete package, primarily focused on shedding extra weight, but it does that by making your sleeping pattern the center of attraction. Now, it is of common knowledge that getting less or less deep sleep can be a reason why you keep putting on weight.

Meticore corrects that by putting you to calm, deep, uninterrupted sleep. In that way, even lesser hours of sleep can do wonders for you. It is made of all-natural ingredients, the list will go on and on, so I’m just gonna go ahead and disclose only a bunch of them.

It is a repository of some kicking amino acids like lysine and Arginine and their super-power of spiking up sleeping capacity by a good 700% due to the release of responsible hormones. Then it contains Indian herb by the name of Ashwagandha in tandem with L-theanine, to help you leave stress, anxiety, and its likes behind. When there is a question of falling and staying asleep, the product has melatonin, zinc, and magnesium to do the bidding.


Keeping the most obvious thing aside, it relieves stress, again, which helps in getting a nice long sleep. It relaxes your mind and body, takes good care of your fluctuating moods. Due to Livpure, you are filled with flaming energy and it makes you more diligent. You can handle multiple things at once, with effortlessness and more ease.

Also, an important side, that needs clarification, everything you shed has got a one-way ticket, meaning, it does not come back.


If all of that cannot tempt you to get your hands on the miracle that Liv Pure is, I don’t know what can. Easy. Beneficial. All-rounder. Healthy. That is how I sum it up in a few words. But don’t take my word for it. Go try it.