Cretaceous Period

Go back in time!

Major Geological Events

During the Cretaceous Period, The continents were shifting into their positions like they are today. Also, the sea level was very high, the highest it has ever been. There was a ton of volcanic activity and that gave off a lot of carbon-dioxide into the air. The Paleogene Extinction was a time when lots of dinosaurs, reptiles, and other animals started to go extinct.


Most of the time, the weather was very humid and warm. Sometimes the weather would change quickly to cold. During the end of the period, the weather started to cool down and during this time, no ice existed on Earth. Dinosaurs and other animals migrated to different places depending on the season and climate.


During this time period, there was a lot of carbon-dioxide in the air because of all of the volcanic activity. There was a lot of water that covered the grounds an a lot of wetlands. Like I said in the Climate paragraph, later in the period, the temperatures were unpredictable. By the middle of the period, tectonic plates started to shift and separate land.

Dominant Animals and Plants

The giant meat-eater creatures, Dinosaurs were the most dominant animal and they were on top of the food chain. Avians were giant birds had a large beak and were dominant. The most dominant plant was the fern. Also, there was a large amount of seed ferns. This was the time when plants started to grow for the first time.

Dangers of the Cretaceous

Dinosaurs are a huge safety concern because some dinosaurs are very aggressive and hurt and may even kill you. Another danger is the weather, it can get very hot and can get cold. In the rainforests, falling trees could come down when you are not expecting it and might injure you. They also might run into other top of the food chain mammals.

What to pack for safety and comfort

You should pack clothes for the hot and for the cold because the temperatures can drop really quickly and can get hot really quickly. You should also bring a sword just in case a dinosaur comes out of nowhere and attacks you. You should also bring someone else with you so you do not go all by yourself.

What travelers would like to see

I think travelers would like to see a lot of cool dinosaurs and a lot of other cool animals. If you came late in the period, you might have been able to see the giant sloth. You would be able to see all different kinds of flowers blooming for the first time because this is when flowers firs started to grow.
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