Patriot Press

September 14-18

Weekend 9/12 and 9/13 air until 5 p.m. and lights until 7 p.m.

September 14

All Brick and Mortar students return!

Please park in one of the back parking lots to make room for visitors.

Today only parents may walk their students to the pod doors for arrival.

Please arrive and time and be ready to help with arrival beginning at 7:45. If you are supporting dismissal please be to your dismissal spot by 3:05.

September 15

September 16

September 17

September 18

Talley out PM

Progress reports are available in skyward

Clear Connections

This is B week for block (all asynchronous)

Arrival and Dismissal Support

Virtual Character Cruise

A PowerPoint with videos embedded will be shared with you early next week so you can take your students on a virtual Character Cruise.

Brick and Mortar Reopen Plans

September Lunch Schedule and Seating Charts

Hint-- You can save the link on your desktop for ease to upload new seating charts as we go. Or flag the email and keep it in a specific folder so that you can get to it quickly.

Live links below to upload documents

Homeroom teachers, upload your pledge videos here

Upload using naming convention "Lastname_pledge" ex. Hirsch_US or Hirsch_TX

Upload classroom seating charts here

Seating chart should be kept for each group of students and uploaded (can be a hand drawn picture) each time the seating chart changes. Please use naming convention: Teacher_Homeroom teacher_ today’s date. Include student first and last name.

Our clocks are not right. Please use your phone, computer or smart watch for the correct time for lunch, block, dismissal, etc.

Bus labels

We reached out to transportation about the need for the address labels on the back of the tag. We have been doing it forever and realized that we should ask if that is still a thing. They would prefer to have parent phone number on the tag(and bus stop but we are not doing that). It is a safety concern to have the address on the tags so we printed new tags to go over the old label or you can mark out the address with a sharpie. We are sorry for this added step. We thought we were doing what we were supposed to do!

Dismissal Times

3:05-begin packing up

3:10-Bell rings to indicate dismissal is about to start(Kinder begins walking to gym/cafe

3:13-3:14-call for 1st to come down to cafe and gym for bus and car(can also be watching for Kinder to go by then follow

3:15-call kinder, 2nd and 5th daycare to front to stage

Will call for buses and daycare as they arrive

3:25-walkers dismiss

PPE and Cleaning Materials

Sanitizing wipes will be placed in your boxes soon. You will use these to sanitize tables during the day if you need to pull a new group to the table, move a student to a new area, etc. Custodial staff will be sanitizing tables nightly. You do not need to sanitize tables throughout the day unless students are rotating through the same table (ex. Speech, Resource, Art, Guided Reading table, etc). Each wipe should be able to sanitize 4 tables.

Masks- Each staff member was provided 2 reusable and 2 disposable masks. This means that you will may to wash your masks nightly or plan to purchase some on your own. We know that arrival and dismissal are hot right now and masks (along with the rest of us will get sweaty). Some have chosen to purchase their own disposable masks so they can wear those at dismissal.

Hand Sanitizer- With the arrival of our transition students to campus, I wanted to share a piece of important information. As we utilize our COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer pumps, with fidelity, please do not throw them away when they are running low or run out. We will be continually reusing these pumps and refill with liquid, as needed. Thank you so much for everything you do, are, and will continue to do for our students, staff and community! You are truly appreciated!

Soap Dispensers- SOAP DISPENSERS ARE IN AND JUST NEED TO BE INSTALLED! The district has ordered soap dispensers for those who do not have them in the classroom. Those are back ordered also. If you have an extra bottle of hand soap at home, you may want to bring it in the meantime. We are going to purchase as many as we can between now and the 14th but they are not easy to find and buy in bulk.

Lunch Tables

After setting up the lunch tables today, we realized that we are still short some tables. We are apologizing now if the seating charts don't match up! Just problem solve the best you can. We will be down there at lunch and will be trying to come up with solutions. That solution may involve using the science lab stations on the stage.

Cleaning Rooms

I know a lot of you have had questions about rooms being cleaned. We are down to 2 custodians on the night crew and Melissa is out for 3 weeks. Our priority right now is the 10 classrooms that have students right now. They are also focusing on the bathrooms in the pods where the students are, teacher bathrooms and office area. Vacuuming is at the bottom of the list. We will ask that all rooms be cleaned and vacuumed well before the rest of the campus comes back. In order for them to disinfect every night, they will have to vacuum every other night. You can help with this by having students clean their area as much as possible.

In the meantime, if you don't have students, you can use your wipes and wipe down the high touch areas in your room. You should have the wipes out and available for anyone who may come to visit your room and sits at a table.

Please email Christina or I with any cleaning concerns you may have so that we can address them with the custodial foreman.


  • The CCISD Behavior Support Course in itslearning. You will be receiving PL credit upon completion. If you start this week, you will have plenty of time to complete it with doing small chunks each week.

The CCISD Trauma Sensitive Course in itslearning should be completed by October 8

Don't forget about your mandatory district HR training due Sept. 30!

Big picture

Everyday is a jeans day! Please no holes, rips, or tears in jeans!

Hand washing time

Don't forget to schedule time in your day for handwashing. Arrival is a good time and before lunch. Soap dispensers are in and just need to be installed(that could take a while though)

Snack Time

Things to consider when eating snack in your room

  • go outside
  • you can have a group eat snack while the rest wear their mask and then switch
  • you could have snack spots around the room and eat in shifts.

Try to avoid all eating at the same time since you won't be 6 feet apart

PE Classes and pick up

PE coaches will be meeting your classes in the pod and taking them to PE. If the weather is cooperating, they will go out your pod door. If the weather is not cooperating, the coaches will take them to their indoor PE spot. K/1/2 will have PE on their side of the building and 3/4/5 will be on their side. If PE is indoors, you will need to pick them up at the indoor spot. They will share with you where they will be when they pick them up. When students go outside for PE, you will meet the coaches at the pod door to pick them up.

Progress Reports

I know it has been difficult for you to get grades for all students. Many may have not submitted their work. If you need to spend some time Monday getting those assignments done, that is fine. The deadline to input them is noon on Tuesday.

Grades K-1 will send a message that will be via Skyward Message Center any time before 3:00 pm on September 18th. More information regarding the specific message is forthcoming.

Grades 2-5, data specialists will be running reports in Skyward, which will be posted in Skyward for parents to view. There will be no paper distribution of Progress Reports at this time. Please use the attached checklist for your grade-level to assist you as you prepare. Below are a few important dates and helpful tips for this PR period.

Progress Report Timeline and Information:

  • Grading period ends: Friday, September 11
  • Finalize deadline: Tuesday, September 15 at 12:00 pm
  • Posted in Skyward via message center for K-1 or under Report Card tab for 2-5: Friday, September 18

Grades 2-5: Skyward Progress Report

o Events should be entered in Skyward: 1 event/piece of evidence per content area for PR. Events must be dated between (8/24 – 9/11) to appear on the Q1 PR

o Comments added for individual events will appear on the Q1 Progress Report

o Events marked missing are visible on the Progress Report

o Comments are not required unless specified by your campus.

o Click the NEW button for any new students to record grades from the previous CCISD school or for a change of method of instruction (Clear Connections to Brick and Mortar or vice versa). See the LTC if assistance is needed.

o Data Specialists will be running progress reports for grades 2-5, so they will be available in Skyward Family Access under Report Cards.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.