4th Grade News 1/11/16

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Please check lost and found this week. There are many coats, jackets, and lunch boxes!

Don't forget to dress for the weather! If the temp and/or wind chill is above freezing, students do go outside for recess. Make sure your child has appropriate warm clothing!

Bring in all Box Tops!

Awards Assembly-Jan. 14th

Invitations will be sent home today for students receiving awards!

K-Kids-January 14th

No School-January 18th (unless we have a snow day to make up)

Book Orders due January 20th! Order online at www.scholastic.com using the class code GNFMJ or send order with check (made to Scholastic) or cash!

Class Pictures-January 21st

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-This week we will continue working on long division using the partial quotient strategy. We will also be finding factors pairs for any given number, defining whether the number is prime or composite, and determining if a specific whole number is a multiple of another number.

In fluency, we will be working on all facts 1-12. Your child has fact cards in their zipper pouch that we cut out the first semester for all fact families. Please make sure your child spends a little time each night studying those facts that are most problematic. We will have a cumulative assessments on all facts starting Friday. We will practice accuracy checks over the next several weeks.

*A fun website your child can use at home to help prepare for the upcoming cumulative test is www.mulitplication.com. Students use this site multiple times throughout the week to work on fact families that are most problematic for them. This site has tons of fun games that the students enjoy.

Science-We are returning to Science this week! The unit we are starting today is called "Forces In Motion". We are going to do many amazing, high energy, and student- created labs. This week we will focus on Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and complete some really fun labs to learn and demonstrate these laws in motion. Your child may want to show you some of the activities we have done in class. **The egg activity really does work, in case you are worried! Your child may also ask your input on the marshmallow catapult they will create either Friday or Monday. (Not sure how long each lab will take.) It is perfectly okay for you to help and offer ideas. I will post pictures and hopefully videos of some of these activities in action on next week's newsletter.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--All students have new words this week in their groups. The orange group will be looking at final s, z, and v. The blue group will be looking at the u vowel in stressed syllables. All students will have an assessment on Friday! Last Friday we took our test using a fun website www.spellingcity.com/janafoster Students can get on this website and do practice tests, play games, and study their words. We will use this site in class for practice some, and we will use it every so often for testing. Last week was just a practice at using it. This week, we will use the website to take our assessment. It will call out words, give sentences, and repeat as students need.

Reading--We will continue reading like historians and focusing on Lewis & Clark and Sacajawea. This week we will compare/contrast, examine multiple texts, discuss primary and secondary sources, and making inferences. Students will also have time for independent reading and responding.

Writing--We will begin working on researching and note taking. We will focus on citing sources and taking notes in our own words instead of copying from our research materials. We will be selecting famous individuals to research.

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