A Christmas Carol

By Charles Dickens

Stave 1

The main character in the novel A Christmas Carol is Ebenezer Scrooge. We later meet Scrooge's new business partner Bob Cratchit. He is a humble man with a large family and not a lot of money. Scrooge's nephew Fred busts through the office door shouting Merry Christmas. He is a loving, married man who celebrates Christmas and is an optimistic person. After Scrooge goes home that night, the ghost of Jacob Marley visits him. He arrives in chains and claims that he has traveled the world for seven years. He wears the chains because of his sins and has come to warn Scrooge that he needs to change now in order to change his unpleasant future.

Stave 2

In Stave 2, Scrooge encounters the first of three ghosts. It appears as a childlike figure. It has a cap over its head that covers a glowing light. Scrooge is very frightened. The ghost introduces itself as the Ghost of Christmas Past. The ghost touches his heart, giving him the ability to fly and they take off. The ghost shows Scrooge a much younger version of himself sitting in a school reading by himself, while others are outside playing. The ghost shows him a bit older, but still a much younger version of himself doing the same thing. Scrooge's sister then walks in the room saying that their father will let him come home. Scrooge's face lights up with enjoyment and he hugs his sister. The ghost then takes Scrooge to a party once thrown by an old business partner of his. Scrooge sees himself actually enjoying the holiday. The ghost then shows Scrooge and his ex-fiancé talking. She explains how his greed and selfishness has ruined their relationship. Scrooge becomes very upset and yells at the ghost telling it to stop. Scrooge grabs the cap from its head and shoves it over the ghost, extinguishing the light and sending him back to bed. The ghost showed him these things, because it wants Scrooge to see that he lived a rough childhood and his actions have made a bad impact on the man he is now.

Stave 3

Scrooge awaits for the second ghost to arrive. He walks into the other room to find a giant ghost sitting upon a throne of food. He has a large beard and wears a green robe. The ghost introduces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Present. As Scrooge makes remarks in his head, the ghost tells Scrooge to grab his robe and off they go. The ghost shows Scrooge around the town. He wants Scrooge to see all of the happiness and enjoyment people bring during this time. He takes him to the Cratchit house, showing that Tiny Tim will not live much longer. The ghost shows Scrooge a place where minors live and they even celebrate Christmas when they don't have much to celebrate. He then takes Scrooge to a lighthouse and a boat where people are still celebrating. The ghost later takes Scrooge to his nephew's party where Scrooge has fun watching all the games and joyful cheer in the house. Scrooge is very upset and shocked when all the people begin to make fun of him. Scrooge notices that there are two children under the ghost's robe. The ghost says that the boy is named Ignorance, and the girl is named Want. Scrooge asks if they are his and the ghost quotes his earlier saying. The ghost looks much older towards the end of the stave. Scrooge awakes and waits for the final ghost.

Stave 4

The last ghost arrives in Scrooge's bedroom. The ghost is in an all black robe. He introduces himself as the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. The ghost takes him to the London Stock Exchange where rich men talk about another rich man who has past away. The ghost shows people selling the belongings of a dead man at a pawn shop. The ghost shows a couple discussing the death of a man that they owed money to. He then shows the Cratchit family mourning the loss of Tiny Tim. He is then taken to a churchyard where he is shown a grave stone with his name carved in it. Scrooge is confused and upset. He begs the ghost to forgive him and swears to live off what he has learned. In a snap, he is back in the safety of his bed.

Stave 5

Scrooge awakens and is delighted when he sees that it is Christmas Day. He gets ready with cheer and runs out in the street. He pays a boy a good amount of money to deliver a turkey to the Cratchit household. He gives money to a man who previously asked him for donations to a charity. He goes to Fred's Christmas party and enjoys the festivities. The next morning, he tells Bob Cratchit that he will give him a raise and help support his family. In the end, Tiny Tim does live and Scrooge lives a happy life. The story is about a man who lived life in the wrong way. He is greeted by the ghost of his old friend. He warns him that he must change his ways to make a positive impact in the afterlife. He has three ghosts visit him, making it obvious what he must do to be a good man. After all the visits, he becomes a changed man.