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May 8, 2016

Celebrate May 8-14 as National Week of Service and Commemorate SkillsUSA’s 51st Anniversary

We invite all of our chapters to conduct or promote a community service project during the week of May 8-14. This will help commemorate the founding of SkillsUSA as well as harness the power of combined efforts to showcase the good work being done by student members. The National Week of Service brings attention to career and technical education and the value of SkillsUSA.

To help you plan and carry out this event, SkillsUSA offers a downloadable Community Service Guide and Community Service Checklist. There are also customizable media releases, PSAs, a proclamation and thank-you letters to help generate publicity. Visit:

SkillsUSA hopes to increase the number of chapters participating and therefore gain more local and national media attention for our efforts.

Advisors are encouraged to submit a National Week of Service project report to the national headquarters by May 15. Photos are also appreciated. Send your reports and photographs to The first 50 chapters that report their plans will receive a free item.

These Families’ Threads Are in Red …’

Combine newly digitized SkillsUSA Champions magazine and an incredible lesson plan, and you have the secret to success! The magazine makes for a great interactive experience for students, and the lesson plans have exactly what teachers are looking for: purpose and educational value. Use the lesson plan below as an integral part of your career and technical education program. Quick link:

Content Discussion Questions

  1. How has Danielle Silver grown from her experience at the national conference?
  2. The conference was a highlight for Silver. What has been the highlight of your time in career and technical education or SkillsUSA?
  3. Describe your role model.
  4. When have you followed in the footsteps of a relative or friend?

In-Class Activity, 6 minutes

Personal Skills: Professionalism; exhibits self-confidence

Materials Needed: Small notebook or journal (one per student) — notebook paper can be used if an actual journal is unavailable — and writing utensil (one per student) Students will create a compliment journal. Give these instructions:

  1. Confidence starts with you. Today, you will give yourself three compliments. You might appreciate how your hair looks today, believe you are smart and intelligent, or were extra kind to a sibling today. Just find something you appreciate in yourself and things that make you feel good about yourself.
  2. Write down the three compliments in your journal.
  3. You have three minutes. After three minutes, have students read their compliments silently.

Repeat the journal activity each day.

Facilitate a discussion by asking questions including:

  • How do these compliments make you feel?
  • What contributes to our self-confidence?
  • What harms our self-confidence?
  • How do you exhibit self-confidence in school? In SkillsUSA? In the workplace?

Extended Learning Opportunity

Personal Skills: Responsibility; contributes to success

Have the class put together a bulletin board or hallway display to showcase career and technical education and/or SkillsUSA. Each student should include a short description of “the highlight of his or her year.” These highlights could be written on colored paper, paper plates or other cutouts. Instead of displays, the class may choose to use a section in the school or local newspaper, or an insert in a sports program or awards banquet program.

Support SkillsUSA Alumni for a Chance to Win a Harley

Thanks to a generous donation by Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Inc., SkillsUSA will be raffling off a Softail Slim S motorcycle to benefit its Alumni and Friends Association. Tickets are $5 each or five tickets for $20. The winner does not need to be present for the drawing, which will be at the national conference awards ceremony June 24 in Louisville, Ky. Tickets can be purchased here:

Great Values for Your End-of-Year Budget Spending

Many school systems require instructors to expend all the funds in their consumable budgets before the end of the school year. If you have budget dollars remaining, consider using them for SkillsUSA educational resources. Materials such as Quotes to Results and RESOLUTE: Ethics at Work will make great additions to your classroom resource items. For SkillsUSA chapter resources, consider purchasing Jumpstart, Propel, Accelerate, Ignite or any of the Leveraging Your Leadership (LYL) Series books. The ultimate in chapter officer preparation is the LYL Series Officer Mega Package. Learn about these educational resources and a whole host of others by visiting the SkillsUSA Store at: