Task 4 - Membership Data

What you will be learning?

In this task YOU will be learning:
  1. How to import data in to a database
  2. How to edit, delete and create data in a database
  3. How to filter data in a database
  4. how to create address labels for specific data in a database
  5. How to create queries to search for specific data in a database
  6. How to create reports
  7. How to create a mail merge letter using the database

Independent Learning

This website will show YOU tutorials to help YOU progress being an independent learner

Task A

Amend the customers data so that all records are up to date

  • Ranjit Patel has moved away from the area and has asked to be taken off the membership list.
  • Edward Dunn has moved to: 47 Crompton Street, WARWICK, Warwickshire, CV34 6HG.

Task B

A purse belonging to Zara Ashcroft has been found in the ladies’ cloakroom. Create an address label so the purse can be sent to her.

Task C

The Manager is considering giving a backstage pass for the current productions to lifetime and family membership types who joined the theatre before January 2000.

Provide a list of the first and last names and full address of members who would qualify for this offer in alphabetical order of last name.

You need to show your evidence of how you produced your outcome.

Task D

Winston Brown, the Manager, would like to send a mailing to all the people listed in the membership file to offer them a 20% discount for all tickets for this season.

Using the draft letter the Manager has given you prepare the mail shot to be sent to all