Technology Smack Down-Part Two

March 16, 2016

Welcome Back!!!

What is it?

After attending part I, you will setup accounts and explore your favorites for personal productivity or instructional applications. At the end of the session, teachers will share how they will use these tools.


ISTE Teacher Standard - Model digital age work and learning

TEAM Rubric/Strand: Motivating Students, Presenting Instructional Material, Activities and Materials, Questioning, Thinking, Problem Solving

PLC Guiding Questions

1. What is it we want our students to learn?

2. How will we know if each student has learned it?

3. How will we respond when some students do not learn it?

4. How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?

Formative Assessment Apps

Three Tips for Great Formative Assessment

Task One-Plickers

1. Create a Plickers account and set up a demo class.

2. Add a new folder with a few questions.

3. Take a practice quiz with plickers.

Task Two-Quizizz

1. View sample report in Quizizz as a whole group.

2. Take a practice Quizizz.

3. Visit and set up an account.

4. Create a three question quiz you could use this week or next in your class.

5. Visit our Padlet for today and link your quiz and answer our formative assessment question.

Go Formative!

Here's a bonus formative assessment tool for you to check out. We'll look at it together if time allows.

Task Three--Productivity

1. Download snip (if it's not already on your computer) and take a screen shot.

2. Write or record on it with the tools provided.

3. Save it.

4. Upload it to our padlet for today.

Task Four--Augmented Reality

1. View the Edmodo Thinglink below.

2. Create an account in Thinglink

3. Create a Thinglink you can post to your website or share with your students.

4. Add the link to our Padlet


Aurasma helps people use augmented reality (AR) to turn everyday objects, images, and places into new, interactive opportunities to engage with their fans and customers through striking graphics, animation, video, audio, and 3D content

Today's Resources

More will be added!!!

Additional Resources from county Tech Coaches

Snip- a screenshot editing tool that allows you to annotate and record on top of any image you have captured on your computer. Great for showing students examples.

Tackk - a presentation tool that is in the form of a digital flier. Great for creating teacher webpages and presentations for class. Easy to use. i.

 Skype - a video conferencing/chat tool that allows educators and classrooms to communicate with one another. Check out the Mystery Skype! i.

 What Was There? - used in conjunction with Google Earth. Allows you to see places in historical photos, as they once were, in addition to seeing how they currently are. i.

 iCivics - a virtual civics game sponsored by Justice Sandra Day O'Conner. Allows students to simulate courtroom and national leader decisions based on the Bill of Rights, etc. i.

 Pear Deck - a BYOD tool that allows the teacher to connect with students on their devices, show the students the teacher's screen, and ask real time questions and get student feedback. *Requires a Google account.* i.

 Today's Meet - a back channel where students can post comments and questions while a lecture is going on, so that the main conversation can continue. A way to give every student a chance to be heard. i.

 Wonderopolis - an inquiry learning site where students can submit questions that they would like to know the answer to, or simply browse the plethora of already submitted questions to learn more about a topic. i.

 AppsBar - create your own app using this tool! i.

 Arcademics - an online gaming platform that pits students against their peers. In order to play the games, students have to answer questions based on math, spelling, computer skills, etc. i.

Please complete today's evaluation

Session Title: Technology Smack Down Part 2