Fernan STEM Academy Weekly Update

Week of 3/21-3/25

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3/20-Spring Begins

3/24-Conferences, 4 pm-7:30 pm

3/25-Conferences, No School

3/28-4/1-Spring Break

4/20-Kindergarten Registration

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Please take a look at this Parent and Community Involvement Google Form to support Fernan with our STEM focus. We know we have families with careers, resources, interests, and passions which would benefit our students' quest for knowledge and life time learning.

Our character assemblies last month focused on respect and kindness. Here are a few of our recipients!

Lewis and Clark, Clark and Lewis! Our fourth and fifth graders gave us an amazing, historical production.

Making rainbows on St. Patrick's Day!

Mrs. Hennig's class students worked in engineering teams to create the longest rainbow using fruit loops, pipe cleaners, straws and marshmallows. The rainbow had to stand on its own (which was super challenging)!

Parent Engagement Survey is open until March 31st.

You have two weeks left to make sure your voice is heard! Take the parent survey and click on Fernan STEM Academy!

Fourth graders explore how light travels.

Our kindergarteners are up to 'Fernanigans' as they build leprechaun traps!

The challenge was to build a working 'Leprechaun Trap' to catch the Leprechaun on the loose!

We explored and researched Leprechaun traits and different kinds of traps.

We then sketched our design and listed our supplies (with help)!

We didn't catch that tricky Leprechaun, but he left us each a note, bracelet and lucky clover coin! He also stole one of our favorite classroom chairs, left little foot prints and lots of green glitter everywhere!