I-Coach Notes

Volume 9 Week of Dec. 7-11

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DRA-EDL Assessment Window starts today!

January 4th Staff Development Day

Teachers, please register on Eduphoria for January 4th Staff Development Day.

We will send you the agenda later.


Language Arts Update

The District Language Arts group is working diligently to update our District Language Arts curriculum. I am part of that team and my responsibility is to revise the 1st grade LA curriculum. Therefore, any feedback you all have, not only 1st grade teachers, but all grade level teachers, let me know and I will take your concern to the team.

  • All grade level Roadmaps are UPDATED
  • 5th grade has a new unit of DRAMA and POETRY
  • 4th grade has a new CCP Unit of Study on EXPOSITORY. It is a new addition to the framework. Look for it in the 4th grade framework

Social Studies Updates

  • Social Studies Team is currently working on creating a curriculum using the same format that Language Arts is using. They want to consider some vertical alignment, since they have noticed that new TCM are not aligned with curriculum.

  •  Social Studies Curriculum K-5
  • o Current state
  • o Future plans
  •  Format/layout
  •  Social Studies TEKS – Written/Taught/Assessed Curriculum
  •  STAAR Assessed Curriculum
  •  K-5 Vertical Alignment TEKS
  •  ELA/ELPS/Technology Connections
  •  PBL/Blended Learning/Global Learners
  • o Tentative Timeline

  • Social Studies weekly are CONSUMABLE

Quintiles and the impact they make in small group planning

Maximizing your Data Analysis with QUINTILES!

· Measure individual student progress!

· Identify & Plan for interventions!

· Monitor sub-pop performance

· Target development of high end performers!

Quintile reports add a new dimension to your data analysis efforts!

December 10 here at EWE, Flexroom

Time: 3:30-5:00

Math Resources

Math in Focus: Teachers are encourage to use MIF as a program. Use the Skills Trace at the beginning of each chapter for more closely alignment of TEKS and lessons. For example: 4th grade fraction TEKS are better met using Grade 3 Chapter 14.

Engaging Mathematics: Grades 2-5 have now one book to share. I will deliver these books this week during planning. These activities are best used as whole group, discussion based activities to apply learning. They can be duplicated with new numbers. They are excellent examples of the type of engagement students need.

Fact Fluency: MIF: Each team has one book to share. Let me know if teams can’t find.

Framework: Most important. Each framework has NEW TEKS clarification. Use at all plannings.

Kathy Richardson/Assessing Math Concepts

· Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers, please let me know if you need more assessments:

o Kindergarten will be assessing Counting Objects. The second assessment is Changing Numbers.

o 1st: some will be giving Number Arrangements again. The second assessment is Hiding.

o PreK: Prek will not start their assessments until January.

o Teachers should be encouraged to complete DRA/EDL before holidays and do math second.

Texas Wildlife

Wildlife by design is coming tomorrow, December 8, to talk to our 4th and 5th graders about Texas wild life. This will be a great experience for all our kids.