Best of 2015

Abish Rimal Marketing 1 Period 3

Top 3 Companies that Marketed Best

  1. Apple- The release of the iPhone 6s featuring a pressure sensor distinguished Apple from its competitors in 2015 while maintaining its constant stream of consumers. The release of Apple's new watch also allowed them to gain an additional market of consumers and insured greater possibilities in the future.
  2. Google- Rather than marketing its new products, Google began to strengthen its brand as a whole through marketing its search engine. This strategy allowed Google to develop brand unity instead of marketing its products individually.
  3. Samsung- Taking the place as Apple's largest competitor in the smart phone industry, Samsung has done a phenomenal job of Marketing its brand in 2015.


Best Products: Sanmsung UHD TV & Lenovo Thinkpad T450s

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Worst Products: Apple Watch & Nokia Lumina

Best Movies

Star Wars

Since both movies were sequels to extremely popular movie franchises, they generated allot of attention during advertisement. Star Wars even used unconventional methods such as partnering with Google along with a tremendous amount of advertisement from social media such as Youtube and Twitter. They even created action figures of popular Star Wars characters.

Inside Out

Disney's Inside Out generated tremendous interest from young fans. Due to its multi billion dollar industry, Disney easily marketed their new movie through commercials on TV on their own channel, as well as online on various websites. They also created special apps related to the movie to stimulate more interest.

Top Two Musical Artists


Drake - Back to Back With Lyrics

Drake uses clever strategies to market his songs. Drake doesn't go straight to pop radio. He puts up a mix tape, tweets clips of new songs, makes it seem like the record companies don't know about it (although they always do), and overall releases his music in a way that seems more personal to his audience. Pop is still shrouded with a corporate vibe.


Adele - Hello
Adel's music took use of some unique marketing techniques that made it so popular. She did not follow the classic pop music trends, which distinguished her from the crowd and she released a short commercial on a British TV series just before releasing her new album, which generated more hits.

Top 5 Best Cars

  1. Tesla Model S
  2. Cadillac ATS
  3. mercedes benz CLA
  4. Ford Mustang GT
  5. Audi R8


  1. Better Time Management - balance work and play
  2. More Family Time
  3. Study for SAT