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7 Sweden Facts Compared to the United states

  1. Population: 9.6 Million /316.4 Million
  2. GDP: $396.8 Billion /16.8 Trillion
  3. GDP Growth: 1.5% /1.9%
  4. GDP Per : $41,188 /$53,101
  5. Unemployment: 8% /7.5%
  6. Inflation: 0.0% /1.5%
  7. Foreign Direct Investment: $8.1 Billion /$187.5 Billion

legal Systems in Sweden

Transparency means the government is open to telling the people what they are doing. Sweden is 3rd out of 177 countries in transparency. The judicial system in Sweden is operated independently. Their are very secure property rights and contract enforcement in Sweden.

Competitive Markets

The EU is mostly open to external trade.Sweden treats all their investors equally. Sweden has a very modern and efficient financial system. The EU members have a 1.0 percent tariff rate.

Limits on Government Regulation

The top income tax in Sweden is 57 percent. The top corporate tax is 22 percent.The public expenditures in Sweden account for 51.9 percent of domestic output. The government debt in Sweden is equal to 49 percent of gross domestic product.

An Efficient Capital Market

With small businesses in Sweden the government takes a mostly hands off approach. The non salary cost of hiring a worker is high. Sweden is trying to eliminate all European union farm subsidies. They are also limiting green energy support.

Monetary Stability

The Swedish banking system is very large and happens to be closely interlinked. The debt in Swedish households is growing and that is hurting their economy. the Swedish banking system is very sensitive to shocks.In Sweden the people are having trouble finding financial stability.

Low Tax Rates

The taxation system in Sweden uses a system called PAYE. with this system the income tax is direct 100% and indirect 31.42%. The added tax rate in Sweden is 25% which is hirer than the U.S. tax rate.

Free Trade

Sweden is open to external trade.Treats all foreign and domestic investors equally. Some non tariff barriers do still exist in Sweden so they are only relatively open to external trade in Sweden.
Economics 101: Learning From Sweden's Free Market Renaissance

Sweden economics video

in this video it explains reasons for the countries high tax rates and free market system and how there economy has been some what rich for many years.