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Reminder: Next week is "B" week!

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B Week: Sept 12-16

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Student's Rebuild Project: Pinwheels for Syria

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Just like with last year's Literacy Challenge where we made bookmarks for Africa, we have another opportunity to help students on the other side of the world! This year we will be making pinwheels for the refugee students of Syria!

Since the civil war began, nearly 11 million Syrians have fled their homes. Of those, more than four million Syrians have sought refuge in neighboring countries of Lebanon, Northern Iraq, Jordan and Turkey. Nearly six million children have been affected by their country’s civil war and on average, it takes 17 years for most refugees to return home. This means millions of Syrian children will likely spend most—or all—of their childhood as refugees.

So, how can we help? For each pinwheel we send in, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $2—up to $400,000—to IRC’s Healing Classrooms program!

Who? and When?

Who: Every student at Degan!

When: Starting October 22nd - Dec 18th in the library

Please go to and book 30 mins for your class to come to the library to make pinwheels. IF you go online and book after Monday, Oct 19th, please discuss with my sub the time you would like to come since she will not have access to my online calendar. This is a perfect activity for the sub to assist with!

Share before you come to the library!

Before you come to the library to make pinwheels, please share this short video with your class.
Students Rebuild Healing Classrooms Challenge: How to Make a Pinwheel

Sub days

I will be out Oct 20th - 28th for my ankle surgery. My sub will be Deborah Cauthen. She is a retired librarian and you will all be in great hands!

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