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January 29, 2023

Mrs. Adams: Cyberbullying

During our December Assembly, we talked to students about understanding bullying and bullying prevention. Unfortunately, we are learning that some of our students are engaging in large group chats on social media platforms such as Snapchat and sending very hurtful and unkind messages to one another. We are asking parents to help us establish a culture of kindness by speaking to your student about technology and bullying. Included below is a document created by https://www.pacer.org/bullying/ about how to speak to your child about cyberbullying.

Bullying hits its peak in middle school because of the developmental stages students are going through at this time. The three stages of this age group are:

  • Establishing a personal identity
  • Developing independence
  • Expanding personal relationships

Because students are trying to figure out who they are and how they fit in, they are more influenced by their peers during this time. They don't want to stick out and be different. They are more likely to "go along" even if someone is doing something they don't believe in.

Students now live in a time of instant access to cell phones, tablets, or computers, which open the door to exciting new ways of connecting, interacting, and learning. However, these new modes of communication also present new challenges for parents. Not only do parents have to help children and youth navigate in-person social situations, but they also need to prepare them for healthy relationships online. Cyberbullying can happen anywhere there is online social interaction and students can use their access to a large online audience to encourage their peers to join them in targeting someone with unkind words, threats, gossip, rumors, untrue stories, and sharing private information, or posting embarrassing pictures. Parents have the opportunity to guide their children through this new virtual world.

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Olivia Snowman, Scarlett Quimi, and Bella Hartman represented Whittier Middle School at the District II Honors Chorus Festival this weekend. I heard rave reviews from Mrs. Goss.

Progress Reports

A paper progress report will go home with your student on Friday. The report comes directly from JumpRope. Students must meet eligibility requirements to participate in performance activities. This includes performing in the school play or representing Whittier in a game or at a meet.
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Mr. Galipeau-Eldridge: Grade 7 ELA & Social Studies

Seventh grade students in Mr. Galipeau's class have chosen novels to be read and discussed in weekly book groups. They have been working on reading a common text and how to plan to share their ideas in organized, focused, student-centered discussions. Each book group will conduct its first meeting this week.

Students who have completed and met standards on their History Day notes assessments have moved on to planning and creating their projects. It is exciting to see how their ability to research grows, as they seek answers to questions and become experts on their topics. The focus is now transitioning into how they share this learning with others. Categories for their projects include: exhibits, websites, documentaries, papers, and performances. Mrs. Fanus has shared her dramatic expertise to take on an active role in helping the groups who will be presenting performances prepare their projects.

National History Day: We need your help

Whittier History Day is approaching: Wednesday, February 15th. This will be Whittier's eleventh year participating in the National History Day program. The theme this year is Frontiers: People, Places, Ideas, and our students have chosen a variety of topics to research.

This is an important year for us as we return to in-person interviews. We are so excited to bring this format back and welcome our judges into the building to talk directly with our young historians. We'd love to have you join us that day as a judge; please contact Sean Galipeau-Eldridge, if you are interested. sgalipeau@rsu16.org

Mrs. Stone: Feelings Word Wall

Eighth grade student, Grace Davis, helped Mrs. Stone complete a FEELING WORD wall. Students can use the visual to help describe their emotions and mood when they check in with Mrs. Stone by choosing a feeling, a color or a type of weather.

Student Council

Student council meets Tuesday 2:15-3:15.

Mr. King: Middle School Athletics

Sign up for Indoor Track through the Family ID website. The Indoor Track season will follow basketball season and end prior to the spring season, so there is opportunity for everyone. Poland Regional High School Coach Josh Kennison will be coaching our middle school students. It's a great chance to try something new.

Monday 1/30

Girls Hm vs Tripp MS
Boys @ Tripp MS

Additional schedule TBD

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