Italy is know for it's significant landmarks, (leaning tower of Pisa& Colosseum) food and culture. Italy is a republic in south-central Europe and is considered as a first world country. Italy is known as a first world country for many reason, some being: improved water source of 100%, Italy is not over populated,(no one living in poverty) mortality rate(under 5) is 4 (lower than Australia) and nearly everyone have access to a motor vehicles.

why does Italy have a high life expectancy

There are many contributors to why Italy has a high life expectancy, some including: access to medical needs is 3248 per person, this means that a large sum of money is spent on Italy to keep everyone as healthy as possible. Improved water source of 100% meaning everyone has access to water and Italy's annual growth is only 0.5 which means that not anytime soon will people be drag into poverty because of living expenses rising and also it helps prevent global warming.

Italy vs Papua new Guinea

The life expectancy for Italy is 84 for women and for men 79.

Life expectancy for Papua new Guinea for women 65 for men 60.

there is a large difference in Italy's living environment compared to Italy's. everyone in Italy lives in a well built home made out of either brick or wood, but in Papua new Guinean some people struggle to even find a standard living environment. Italy's water source is 100% where as Papua new Guinea is only 33%. Only 33% of Papua new Guinea has the availability of accessing fresh water. when we look at the health expenditure per person Italy has is 3248 and Papua new Guinea is only 48! you can clearly see the different living habits by just looking at this simple examples.