Ancient Greece

Alex, Otis, Grayson, Ainsley, and Austin

Alex Vargas, Archaeologist

What's the first thing you think of when someone says "Ancient Greece"?Most people think of greek pottery,mythology,or food,but there's more to Ancient Greece than that.In fact the Ancient Greeks invented objects we still use today such as jewelry, glass,pots, mosaics and more.They even have a legacy for having the idea for democracy.Ancient Greece affected our lifestyle today by having a similar one to us.They too were a democracy with culture,literature,and a incredibly similar lifestyle.But similar doesn't mean the same since they had there own system of gods and myths that have survived for more than two thousand years.Lastly is the fact that they worshiped these gods and belived that their stories told how the world created.

Austin Kiziah, Historian

Ancient Greece got its start when the Helens founded it between 1900 BC and 1600 BC. They sailed to what today we call Greece. The order of events that led to the success of Ancient Greece are numerous. One reason for the success is the Olympics. The Olmpics helped keep men fit, worship the God Zeus, and served as entertainment. Another reason is the different areas of Ancient Greece, such as Sparta and Athens, which had fought each other for eons, joined to fight their common enemy Persia. Also, another important reason for the success of Ancient Greece is Greece becoming the first ever democracy in 505 B.C.There were some important groups and leaders that influenced Ancient Greece. One such important person is Homer. Homer wrote the Odyssey, which is about a person’s journey. Homer also authored a poem about the Trojan War, which is named the Iliad. Draco, a lawyer, also developed numerous laws. Some of the laws developed carried a punishment of death. These laws became known as the Draconian laws. One of the most important persons of Ancient Greece is Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great led the troops of Greece to extend the power of Ancient Greece by conquering most of Europe and Western Asia. The period in which Alexander the Great ruled became known as the Hellenistic period following his death. Yet another person in this era is Pythagoras. Pythagoras developed major sciences in science, math and philosophy. Ancient Greece eventually declined as a powerful civilization. The division of Ancient Greece into two separate parts, Western and Eastern, contributed to this decline. The Eastern section is also known as the Byzantine Empire with its capital being Constantinople. The two parts became weaker against enemies.

Ainsley Mitchell, Anthropologist

The Greeks believed that there were different gods and goddesses for different things like Zeus king of the gods is the lord of lighting, thunder, and the creation man. There was 12 Olympic gods and the rest were minor gods. FUN FACT: A sculptor named Pygmalion made a statue of the goddess Aphrodite, and fell in love with it! funny right:):):).The Greeks believed that gods and goddesses watched over them. The gods were like humans, but immortal, that means they live forever, and much more powerful. A family of gods and goddesses lived in a cloud castle\palace above Mount Olympus, a very high mountain in Greece The gods and goddesses looked down to watch what people were doing, and from time to time, interfered with what went on. The gods did not always behave very well. Their king, Zeus, was always being unfaithful to his wife Hera. He appeared on Earth as a human or a animal to trick women he fell in love with. The Greeks loved to watch plays but only the men watched them because the woman thought it was rude or upsetting. Some of the plays even play today like the plays of Greek tragedies and comedies told stories about gods and goddesses, or made fun of people such as politicians. Only men watched the plays. The woman thought would find them too rude or upsetting. The plays of Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides (they were famous people). I might just go to Greece and watch one of those plays when i have time or when i have the money. Most city in Greece had a theaters. It was usually open air, and a bowl-shaped arena located mostly on a hillside. Some of the theaters were HUGE, with the room of about 15,000 people in the audience. All of the actors were the men and boys. The Dancers and singers were called the chorus like the one that some people have as an elective in 4th period or maybe 9th. they played on a flat space called the orchestra like i have as an elective 4th period. Over time, actors also did something in the play and a raised stage became part of the theater. the actors changed into different costumes in a hut called the "skene". Painting the walls of the hut that the actors changed in made the first scenery. The plays were mostly comedies like the funny often poking fun at rulers or tragedies like the sad and serious with the lesson about stuff that is right or wrong. FUN FACT: the famous wrestler Milo was said to train by carrying a calf every day, I don't think that would be fun. As the calf grew heavier, his muscles got stronger. cool right?:):) many Greeks parents wanted boys for children because a son would look after the parents in old age and the daughter left when she was married, and had to take a wedding gift. This could be if a family had a lot of daughters. the father could decide whether or not the family kept the new baby. unwanted or not healthy or strong baby were left outdoors to die!anyone finding a abandoned baby could adopt the baby and take it home, maybe have it as a slave. if the adopted parents or masters were rich they might hire a poor neighbor or a slave to look after and nurse the baby. FUN FACT: Children played Blind Man's Buff, and adults played this game too. the Olympic games that we celebrate even to this ave been known since about 2,700 years ago! they were located in the southern west part of Greece. they were a part of religious festival. the Greek kind of Olympics were held to honor Zeus. they happened every 4 years at a place called Olympia it is a valley near a city named Elis. people came from all over Greece to watch or take part in the action. Athens was a very pretty and busy city. People from all over Greece. Painting the walls of the hut made the first scene. The plays were comedies and tragedies.

Otis Royer, Geographer

Ancient Greece was located in southern Eroupe. It took up what is today Greece Turkey along with the island of Crete.Geography led to this civilizations suscess by providing the with seafood from the Mediterranian sea. They also lived n the moutains so if they came by sea to att ack, they would se and start getting prepared.

Some of Greeces narural recource are sefoood and waterpower. They were lucky because nieghboring city states were better at growing crops and had more fresh water and timber. They would trade the fish for the crops,water,and timber. What they did was only grew what they could but they had very hot summers and cold winters and I bet you could guess that you cant grow much in that climate. They are lucky that theyre neighbors had more rain because greece would have had a major drout.If you went to greece today you would find great architecture,temples,and my favorite,food. Some examples of temples and architecture are Athens,Corinth,and the temple of Heaphestus.

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Grayson Vrba, Archaeologist

The ancient Greek civilization is an interesting and culturally rich civilization especially for an archaeologist. The ancient Greek civilization invented many items that were important to the civilization and its people. One of the items is the shield, an item that protected any soldier that used it in any time of violence. Another item that was important to Greece was a ship called the trireme which was important for delivering goods one place to another in a short period of time due to the great speed of the ship. The drink of wine was also very important and was the most popular drink in Greece and used for important religious proposes in Greek society. The Greek people were known for there legacy of the first practice of democracy in a city large practice. Democracy is a Greek word and means government by the people and was notably used in Athens. Architecture was a legacy of Greeks and was something that Greece was known to make beautifully.

Ancient Greece impacted are way of life today in many ways. One of the way they impacted are way of life is architecture. The Greece civilization built many famous and beautifully crafted buildings that influenced how we build today. Another way that the Greece civilization impacted are way of living is democracy which the Greek civilization was famous for creating a political system that impacted are political system today. The ancient Greece civilization was also famous for there impact on literature today. Greek writers and authors influenced modern day written poetry, plays, and different types of literature that impacted and challenged are way we write literature today. The ancient Greek civilization created many gods and myths that helped them understand and explain there how there world worked. They in vented and worshiped gods like Zeus which impacted how they lived they lived there lives. As you can see the ancient Greek civilization made many contributions to the world we live in today.