Thoughtful in Third Grade

See what is going on in 3M and 3D!

Reading Workshop

Both classrooms are working on social study themes. Mrs. MacNeil's class is focusing on democratic government and Mrs. Dietrich's class is focusing on communities past and present. Classes will switch topics at the end of the unit! Throughout these non-fiction mini-lessons this week, students were focusing on the following learning targets:

  • I am learning how essential questions help me read purposefully and critically to build a continual understanding.
  • I am learning how to determine factual information that is relevant to our research topic.
  • I am learning to to use a matrix to sort and organize key ideas from our research.
  • I am learning to make inferences using text evidence and my schema.
  • I am learning to analyze and interpret information from primary sources such as photographs.

Students can read nonfiction or fiction at home and continue to document their minutes for their monthly logs! They do not have to read about communities or government topics at home.

Math Workshop

Students spent the week learning to build equivalent fractions and equivalence chains. We ended the week exploring fractions greater than 1 on a number line!

  • I am learning to represent a fraction that is closer to 0, 1/2, or 1.
  • I am learning to build equivalent fractions.
  • I am learning to represent multiple fractions that are less than 1 on a number line.
  • I am learning to represent fractions greater than one on a number line.

Highlights for the Week:

Keep in Mind...

Monday (8th):
Tuesday (9th):
Wednesday (10th):
Thursday (11th): MacNeil LRC; Half day for students/dismissal 11:40, Parent/Teacher Conferences 3-8pm
Friday (12th): No School/Parent Teacher Conferences 11-4