By. Michael Ayers

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written by-Gary Paulsen

Published by- (New York) puffin books

ISBN- 9780140343717


Personal Review.

My review on the book is it was very interesting and wild. The book was all crazy how the plane came down and he was trapped outside in the wild and had to figure out how to survive. If I was ever trapped outside I don't think I could ever figure out the stuff he did. Like fishing with his bare hands to get food and making his house out of stuff near him also sleeping on the ground. The boy in the book was young and figured out how to prepare for the worst that can happen.

He was very brave with living with all the stuff around him and knowing his partner in the plane dead had to have been terrifying and sad. I think that if i ever saw that i wouldn't even know what to do or how to live. But he was smart and found stuff in the plane that could help him get home safe and he did just that. After he got saved he was so relieved because he had been through a lot but at least he figured out how to live in the wild. I recommend this book to anyone.