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Proper Garage Door Opener Maintenance

Garage door openers are very important investments as they somehow give you an utmost convenience when you are operating the door. In fact, if you don’t have an opener or it is faulty, maybe this is the perfect time for you to invest a new garage door opener. However, when you possessed an opener, like garage door, a proper maintenance should be applied. Why? Well, it is very important as a homeowner that you do maintenance so that you can assure that the door will function properly and gives you a great day always. Remember, the less maintenance you do the more problem you can face in the future. On the other hand, upkeeping your opener is a light task and only takes you for several minutes only.

1. First and foremost, for safety inspection and maintenance, remove all your accessories and jewelries if you have and avoid to wear loose shirt, this is for you to prevent further accidents. Then, it is imperative to turn of the power of your opener.

2. Use a soft, clean cloth to clean the arms, rails and surface of the door opener. Then use steel wool to remove rust when the hinges are rusted.

3. Inspect if there are faulty, damaged or broken parts like fastener, cables, brackets and mounting brackets. Then, you should take an action to do some fixes and repair if necessary.

4. Then, you can adjust the chain tension if the chain is already sagging. After that, the hinge pin, axles and drive chain need to be lubricated, you can actually use a light and penetrating oil to do the lubrication process. Remove excess oil by the used of a soft cloth. Note: The drive chain need lubrication at least once or twice a year.

5. Test the safety reversal mechanism twice every year.

Remember, when the problem has something to do with electrical wiring connection, then, you need the hand of an expert. In fact, you can meet reliable technicians on this link: http://www.overheaddoor-repair.com/al/birmingham