A Peek at the Week

Sept. 30, 2018

"When you take on the role of teacher, you are working directly for God!"

-Baruti K. Kafele

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School News

When there is a need, it is amazing how others will jump in and help. I want to thank Jane Addison, Melissa Creamer, Shannon Richards, Haley Fousek, Shelby Fowler, Mr. Jim, Ally Hiott, and Gretchen Skelton for helping us work in K5 Friday. I hope I did not leave anyone out!

I wanted to let you know that Melissa Creamer will be working with Donna Wilson in K5 until Nov. 7th. Melissa is a walking wealth of knowledge in K5, and she is devoting her time to Mrs. Daughtry's class. She stayed until 11 pm Thursday night and 8 pm Friday night along with Donna and Ally getting the room cleaned and organized. She is a runner, and I appreciate her more than she will ever, ever know!

On Nov. 7th, Ally Hiott, Gretchen Skelton's student teacher, will join our school family as a K5 teacher. Ally is an amazing teacher and is thrilled to be able to begin in K5. We are tickled to have her! Please join me in welcoming Ally as she finishes up her student teaching with Gretchen and in showing Melissa how much we appreciate her as well!

Teacher 4.0

I sent a video link to the majority of you all earlier today. Please make sure you view this video prior to Wednesday morning. This is information you need to know as we begin the evaluation cycle for this school year.

We need to meet with you all Wednesday during planning. We will come to you. You will need your laptop when we meet.

Rikki Brown

Rikki Brown will be with us all day Tuesday if you have insurance needs. She will be located in the conference room.


SLO's are due Oct. 12th. Since the district is focusing on reading and providing staff development throughout the year, reading will be a focus for our SLO's unless you do not teach reading. We will discuss where to put in your SLO information Wednesday.

Fall Festival

Mark your calendars! Our Fall Festival is Oct. 30th. You may want to begin planning with your teams your costumes for this year's festival. Also, be thinking of your game. Each teacher needs to have a game for the festival. This is always such a fun night!

Parent Communication and Conferences

It can be intimidating to talk with parents at times. It may seem so much easier to send a text or an email in order to avoid calling, but talking with a family member can solve so many problems or just give you another perspective. Many of you have expressed having issues getting in contact with parents. Some of our parents' phone numbers can change often, but you can always get in touch with someone by contacting others on the emergency list.

As we near the end of the first nine weeks (Oct. 23rd), begin setting up face-to-face conferences with families of those students who you are most concerned about either academically, behaviorally or both. It is critical that you meet with those families prior to report cards going home. For third graders, we will need to set up conferences with those families whose child is well below grade level in reading. For students who are doing well, you can conduct a phone conference. Please make sure you meet or call every student's family in your class. Discuss with them strengths and weaknesses in order to be successful in your grade level. It is amazing how your perspective can change about a child after you speak with their family. Remember, don't text- call. :-)

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Upcoming Dates:

*Oct. 2nd: Rikki Brown here all day, Rock Man for 3rd grade

*Oct. 3rd: Rock Man for P. Cannon's class, Meet during planning

*Oct. 4th: 3rd grade to Belton for Heritage Days

*Oct. 9th: 5th grade PD at DO in the afternoon

*Oct. 10th: Faculty Meeting (this may change, but save the date)

*Oct. 17th: Fall picture make-ups

*Oct. 23rd: End of 1st nine weeks

*Oct. 24th: 2nd grade testing begins

*Oct. 29th: Book Fair Opens

*Oct. 30th: Fall Festival 5:00-7:00