Friendship Is Happiness

By: Blythe Sumsion Period: 6-7

Analysis Of The Development Of Theme

A example of some characters that influence the theme are Grim and Gram. They influence the theme by giving Max a home. If Max wasn't living with Grim and Gram, he wouldn't have met Freak. Freak is Max's only friend so the theme of the story wouldn't be about friendship if Freak wan't in it. Max and Freak develop a friendship throughout the story by going on exciting adventures together. A key detail from the book is when they are at Millcreek pond trying to get away from a dangerous kid named Tony D. Freak yells "Trust me, we'll be okay!" (page 36) in a comforting, caring way. When Freak says that he will be getting his robot body (page 150) Max mentions that he is scared and worried about him. The theme starts when they first meet. "Then the strange little dude jerks himself around and he catches sight of me and he lifts a crutch and points it up at my heart and he goes, 'identify yourself, earthling.'"

Reflection And Application Of Theme

Everyone likes to have friends. Friendship has created some of my happiest memories and I'm sure has done the same for many others. The author developed the theme by having Max and Freak do more and more together and becoming closer friends. This tells the reader that the two friends have a tight bond and care a lot about each other. This theme is relevant to our generation right now because everyone can have a friend. You can be old, young, smart, dumb, tall, or short. It doesn't matter. Everyone can have a friends and can relate to the happy feeling of one.



Eighth grader Maxwell Kane lives with his grandparents because his dad killed his mother and is now in jail. Max is very tall and has a learning disability, while his friend Freak is very smart and has a physical disability. Together, the two friends make a perfect team. They go on exciting adventures and even get past the dangerous teen Tony D. On Christmas Eve, Max wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself being kidnapped by his own father who is supposed to be on parole. Believe it or not, Freak saves Max with a squirt gun. Freak has been looking forward for his new and improved robot body for quite a while. The special operation turns out to be his death. The doctors knew with how small he was he wouldn't live a long life.