Green Careers


Salary Range

A paleontologist makes around $82,000 per year, and $39.66 an hour.

Necessary Education

To become a Paleontologist you will need a bachelors degree.

Paleontology is a branch of Biology that mostly studies life in former time periods, mostly studying fossils.

A fossil has the shape of a bone but no bone in it! It has the same materials/chemicals as a rock.

Paleontologists and their Relationship with the Environment

Paleontologists are a green career because they go and do studies about how things lived in previous time periods. Such as how dinosaurs, people, and animals lived. How or what they ate, how they protected themselves, how they died, and what their habitat was like.

A Paleontologists Job Descripition/Duties

Paleontologists job contains of; planning and conducting field studies. Which will collect samples for further surveys and tests. Preparing for written scientific reports. Conducting laboratory tests and samples collected in field, and reviewing reports and research done by other scientists,

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