What is the best hair transplant

What is the best hair transplant technique?

The hair transplant is a latest hair loss and baldness treatment that surgically restores the hairs back on the scalp. This treatment is the only permanent and effective solution of all types of hair loss especially androgenic alopecia. This surgical treatment help the patients in obtaining the hairs that are prone to any genetic problem. There are two types of these surgical hair restoration methods. The question arises in the mind of each patient is that which one is the best surgical procedure. They can analyze about each of these method to find that which one is the most effective. It is difficult to find the most excellent hair restoration technique. Each of them has their pros and cons.

Follicular unit transplant or FUT is the traditional hair restoration surgery. It is suitable for those who want to get thicker hair grafts in their scalp. This surgery is also for those that wanted to get low cost hair transplant treatment. In this surgical procedure, hair follicles are extracted in the form of a strip from the donor area. These follicles are then separated under a microscope from each other. Later, they are implanted in balding areas of the scalp. This treatment is ideal for those people who have hairs in the sides and back of their scalp. But one disadvantage with this surgical treatment is that after the extraction, there remains a scar in the donor area. This wound is stitched and stapled by the surgeon. Linear scar remains on he scalp for the lifetime. It can be concealed easily with further hair growth. Those who consider this method as the best tell the reason that high quality hair follicles can be achieved. There is also less chance of grafts failure in those who got the surgery through FUT.

Follicular unit extraction is another hair restoration technique. It is the newer hair restoration method that is referred as the best hair surgical treatment by many surgeons around the globe. This method is considered the finest and excellent treatment because in the procedure, hair follicles are obtained individually from the scalp. These follicles are separated from the surroundings by using a punch like instrument. When they got separated, they are pulled out by the forceps. It is considered ideal surgery by those who wanted to have scar free surgery. Truly speaking, this method involves less scarring. After the surgery, thousands of white scars left in the donor region of the scalp. These scars are not visible by naked eye. It is also ideal for those who wanted to keep short hairs after the treatment. It involves less pain, bleeding and discomfort. These are the reasons; this surgical treatment is considered the top hair transplant by the surgeons and patients.

This method has also many disadvantages. There are many chances of graft failure after getting this surgery. This is why it cannot be labeled as top hair surgery by all of the surgeons and medical experts. The poor quality hairs are yielded after this surgery. This is also good method for those who want to resume their routine activities right after the treatment. Now the latest devices are available in market that helps the surgeon in accurately performing the surgical treatments and minimizing the risks that were involved in traditional FUE method. Treatment with the help of these robotic devices such as ARTAS and Neograft is also considered best by a few surgeons. These help in minimizing the side-effects and scarring to the patients. But it is important that the surgeons performing all these hair treatments should have relevant experience in the field if they want to give the best treatment to the patient.

Those who are searching about what is the Best Hair Transplant in Pakistan should consult from a hair surgeon to suggest them such method that is suitable according to their needs. One can find cheap Hair transplant in Pakistan while getting excellent international standards.