January 6, 2014

ENSC Weekly Notes

Welcome to 2014

I started these notes Saturday evening around 8 p.m. following an outstanding win by the Colts. What a game. How does a team come back from a 28 point half-time deficit to win? Or perhaps the better question is, how does a team earn a 28 point lead by half time and then lose? It goes to show you that life can take you in many unexpected directions. It may come down to passion, drive, and abilities to achieve your goals. I think it is confidence, belief, and persistence along with a razor sharp focus on the desired outcome. In the case of the Colts, the desired outcome was a win. For ENSC, the desired outcome may not be a "win," but instead a well educated community of students, staff, and families.

It is January of a new year and the traditional time of "new year's resolutions." I have never been successful at keeping any resolutions, so, I don't bother thinking about them. However, I have been thinking about goals I have for 2014. Below are a few of those for you to ponder as you consider your professional goals for 2014.

1. Inform the community of the needs of the ENMS facility and arrive at a solution that provides its students with a cost effective, quality learning environment that will last multiple decades.

2. Actively maintain multiple lines of communication with staff, students, families, and the ENSC communities. I now have my website (AnnLinson.com), ENMS building update website (EastNobleMS.wordpress.com), #ENobleSchCorp, #ALinsonEN, and the East Noble School Corporation FaceBook page. Hummm.......

3. Visit each school building at least once per month.

4. Attend activities at each building.

5. Continue to "stay the course" by mastering the instructional frameworks we have in place.

6. Give staff a voice in our future!

Happy New Year and I hope this one is stellar for all of us!


It is Saturday night without a single snow flake falling. However, there are numerous churches and other organizations who have already delayed or cancelled their events for Sunday. In Indianapolis, the Governor has already called a delay for the government office hours for Monday morning and the toll road is closed to trucks. All of this based on a forecast that is calling for as much as 14 inches of snow, and below zero temperatures.

Were you one of the many people who hit the grocery store for milk, bread, eggs, and of course, snacks? Yep, we not only went grocery shopping today, we also hit the store yesterday. The pantry is still pretty empty be we have plenty of soft drinks and milk that we rarely drink.

A former ENSC superintendents, Jackie Beery, always wanted to wait and see if the predicted weather actually arrived before calling a delay or cancelling. As we all know well, sometimes, the weather forecasts fall short of their predictions. Right now, I am thinking this forecast will be correct.

Brian Leitch and Karen Patrick will be keeping a very close eye on the storm. If they have the information they need Sunday night to call a delay for Monday, they will do so. Calling a delay based on snow is much easier to make than wind chill. Tuesday is calling for some dramatic wind chill temperatures that can be dangerous for our students. When considering a delay for wind chill, we need to be certain that an additional two hours will result in higher temperatures. If that isn't going to happen, we are better off starting on time. We have many parents who drop their children off at school on their way to work. If we delay, we could, in fact, have more students waiting for busses or walking as their parents have already headed to work.

If a delay or cancellation is called, TV and radio will be notified as well as our call system. If you follow #ENobleSchCorp, the delay or cancellation will be tweeted also.

Last bit of information, our custodians are wonderful and arrive to school early to get the heat started. However, after this long break and low temperatures, the buildings may be a bit colder than usual. Dress warm for Monday.


This week's cookie recipient is North Side Elementary. Thank you for all you do for ENSC.

North Side Elementary - 99.6%

East Noble Middle School - 98.3%

Wayne Center Elementary School - 98.3%

East Noble High School - 97.4%

Avilla Elementary School - 97.2%

South Side Elementary School - 96.9%

Rome City Elementary - 96.1%

Notes from Becca.....

Weekly Notes – End of Break

I hope that you each had a restful, relaxing break. A longer break such as this one gives students and staff an opportunity to restore their energy and accomplish a few of those to-do items. I used break to tackle a couple of tasks…painted two bedrooms, used YouTube to learn how to transition carpet to tile and how to take out and install a toilet (This should only take about an hour….hmmmmm… eight hours in I knew I should have called a plumber, but I persisted and so far everything works.), replaced the handles to my kitchen cabinets, drafted a dissertation, wrote a few grants, watched countless movies and simply enjoyed several days of lounging.

As we gear up to head back, weather permitting, there are a few reminders on the curriculum front:

o Mclass (grades K-2) and IRI (grades 3-8) Middle of the Year Reading Assessments are form January 8 – February 5.

o Mclass (grades k-2) Middle of the Year Math Assessments are from January 29- February 26.

o ISTEP Readiness Check (grades 3-8) is January 28.

Although, I enjoyed the break, I am excited to get back to my daily routine. I look forward to what 2014 will bring to East Noble.

Have a Great Week

During our two week break, I was able to get a few things accomplished. One of those tasks was to be lazy. Mission accomplished! I feel renewed and anxious to return to school. I hope you were also able to relax and enjoy time with family.

See you soon.