What I Know Now

That I Wish I Knew In the Beginning By Osman Khan M.Ed INED

APA Formatting

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I wish I would have known how to properly write papers using APA format because it would have saved me time, trouble, and it would have allowed me to focus more on the content of my writing over the structure.

Graduate students should use the resources available on campus such as the Writing center, which offers direct one-on-one writing assistance and work shops. They are open to answer special concerns and inquiries at writingcenter@kennesaw.edu.

And a shout out goes to Owl Purdue, which provides free writing resources, APA guidelines and examples, and instructional resources... https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/

Citation Resources:



Progress Monitoring

I wish I would have known that effective teachers use progress monitoring to ensure that their instruction is working, and that students with disabilities are being provided with proper interventions. I wish I would have known the difference between basic data collection (gradebook, assessment results, etc.) versus in depth data collection that includes PLOP points, aim lines, and graphical representations of student performance.

Reread (Proof read) Everything Before Submission

I wish I would have taken the time to completely reread and proof read everything with a fine comb before submitting assignments. I have freaked out on several occasions over the past two years over simple and basic errors after I had submitted a paper.
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Short Poem I Just Wrote Called "Spell Check"

Microsoft Word
you and your unforgiving staggered red lines

scatter our documents as we write our essays.

The lines that for me are streaks of blood

my own blood,


drive me to madness

until I fix
every error,

comma issue,
or “ignore” words,
APA particulars,

& those funny names of authors
that I know
are correct...

The problem with the red and the green grammar lines...
they are generated by a computer -


1's and zeros 10101010101010101
not human

no soul

no cognitive abilities

Well, not for a few more years anyway

But, for now,
Computer...tell me...
Am I trying to use “your” instead of “you’re,”

or “there” instead of “their” or “they’re?"

I have learned


if we rely too intently on Spell Check to save us from our woes,
and if we think

just because we have have zero red lines

and that we're not bleeding

on our documents


we're all set and error-free...

we're all entirely mistaken.

Khan 04272015

Chalk & Wire

I wish I would have known the ins and outs of Chalk & Wire.
Students should be aware of the resources available on the KSU Chalk & Wire page because it provides the assistance required to submit assignments and upload videos. http://bagwell.kennesaw.edu/bcoe/chalk-and-wire

Here's a quick start user guide https://ep.chalkandwire.com/ep2_kennesaw2/QuickPreview.aspx?u=guest&t=&cus=160&pageId=552289&uu=CMPDRz2NzhqPz2Jd5V6HAzY/YbK3jjE35AqOgkaD0FBj6IZbi0FYPhgug==q~qIcDEmRDTYYiinnz1ywGaSA==&urlId=109564777
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Implications of Language Proficiency Levels on SWDs

Content Objectives

Language Objectives
Go Hand in Hand

I wish those graduate students in the M.Ed INED attaining the ESOL Endorsement were exposed to making content comprehensible to language learners sooner.

Focus Now:

  • Specialization of Content and Language Objectives Because It Helps ALL Students
  • Providing Relevant Supports
  • CNTS
  • Progress Monitoring to Reflect Upon and Modify Strategies and Interventions
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WEB 2.0

Continue messing around with the latest instructional technology in order to keep up with the times, engage struggling learners, and differentiate instruction.

Building on and Borrowing From Previous Assignments

Work Smarter & Harder
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Cohort (Companionship and Assistance)

I wish I had relied on, and assisted, my cohort members more during INED 7710-7762.
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Awesome Research Skills

KSU Library

Scholarly Academic Resources/Peer-Reviewed Journals

ERIC - Education Resource Information Center
Academic Search Complete
Professional Development Connection

Google and Wikipedia can be useful because they serve as a launching pad.

The Power of Books
-Cherish assigned text from previous classes, and refrain from selling them back to the bookstore because they'll help you in future courses or realms of discourse.

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For Those Interested in Publishing Research

International Review Board
I wish I would have had a better understanding of the process that is required for conducting research through KSU in Cobb County Schools,
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