Natalie C. Ortman

It's major language and location

One of Italy's major languages is Italian, and 93% of Italy has native Italian speakers and its located 50N and 15E.

The bordering countries with a population

Italy has only a few countries that border Italy. those countries are, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Italy population is a total of 59.83 million people! but not as much a Germany.

Italiy clothing and music

In Italy People would wear things like high heels, jeans, designer hand bags, and painted finger nails. The top 5 songs Italy has is Est-Ce Tu M'aimes ?, Reality, Hotline Bling, Lock A way, and Stiches.


Italy is a Christian country, and some 88% of the population belongs to the Roman catholic church.According to a 2006 survey by Eurispes, Catholics made up 87.8% of the population, with 36.8% describing themselves as observants. According in 2010, those percentages fell to 76.5% and 24.4%.


Italy has a lot of major holidays:

~January 1(New Year's Day)

~January 6 (Epipany)

~April 25 (Liberation Day)

Italy's food

to Italians they take their food very seriously. The lunch our is the most important meal of the day, and it starts with the antipasti (before the meal). Most of the time the antipasti would be food like cheese, olives, or salad, and for the main course they usually eat pasta, or risotto.


According to our research Italy has a government which can be described as Republic. Its
Chief Executive is Giorgio Napolitano and its

Second Chief Executive is Enrico Letta.

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For Italy they love to watch movies, television, shopping and nightclubs. But they add a healthy amount of outdoor and cultural events. Spas and baths are a favorite to the Italian people, and its also common to see outdoor performances of all kinds.


in Italy its top 7 exports are:

1.Machines, engines, pumps: US$107.7 billion

2.Vehicles: $38.4 billion

3.Electronic equipment: $29.9 billion

4.Pharmaceuticals: $25.1 billion

5.Plastics: $21.6 billion

6.Iron or steel products: $20.6 billion

7.Oil: $19.7 billion

And Italy exports 458.4 billion dollars and they import 459.7 billion.