People In Science

By: Colten Vaske

Jon Bohmer

Jon invented the oven that uses sun to cook instead on gas. Jon's oven dosen't use wood to burn. Jon's invention is only $5 dollars to build. With Jon's invention he could save kids from drinking unclean water. Jon's invention can boil water, bake bread, and cook casseroles.
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Dijanna Figueroa

Dijanna is a Marine Biologist she explores the ocean.Dijanna works 12 hours of the day. Where Dijanna works in her submarine if she was in the water that deep it would crush her. Dijanna writes books for all ages and education. Dijanna got her PHD from California. She enjoys traveling with her family. She likes to inspire kids.
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Mitchell,W. Pryor

Mitchell is a Robotics Engineer. He build robots for jobs humans can't do. Mitchell got his PHD from the University of Texas. Mitchell teaches graduates, and undergraduates courses in Mechanical Engineering.
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Agnes Riley

Agnes Riley fixes computers. Agnes use to work in Hangry. Agnes learned how to fix computers by trial and error. Agnes know lives in New York and became a licensed computer technician. Agnes Riley was born in De-facto, she would like to learn more about technology when she has free time. She has a dog and loves to play with it.
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