Striving for independence

Article by Jeff Bennie

The beginning

Britain ruling India. Picture that. Well that actually happened. But one man stood up and protested against Britain. He protested because India was still a British colony and he wanted independence for India. Mahatma Gandhi.
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Gandhi's full name is Mohandas Karamchan Gandhi. He was born in the city of Porbandor on October 2nd 1869. When he was 13 he got married to Kasturba. His parents taught him the trade marks of a Hindu. They were: vegetarianism, fasting, nonviolent, and tolerance for people with different backgrounds. He was concerned about racial discrimination and colonial rule. At age 18 he went to school in London to become a barrister (kinda a lawyer).
After becoming a barrister he couldn't find a job in India so he got a job in Natal south Africa. The Indian population there was treated poorly. Gandhi led the community in peaceful protests or satyagraha. For that he was put in jail along with thousands of others. This led to limited rights in Natal.
When he returned to India he became the face of the Indian independence movement. Due to that most Indians were landless farmers , Gandhi protested against British landowners. Then he was put into jail but thousands demanded the release of Gandhi. Then they peeled some taxes. People started calling him bapu witch means father and mahatma witch means great soul.

His Death

He died on 1-13-1948. A Hindu extremest assassinated him in new Delhi. 79 was when he died but by that time India became its own nation.
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