By: Emma Jones

In this brochure...

-how to sort clothes

-steps to follow in a laundry process

-different laundry products available

-tips on removing stains


STEP 1: Separate white clothing from vibrantly colored clothing (if step is not followed, then your white clothing will end up pink, blue, green, etc.)

STEP 2: Separate the black, gray, brown, navy, or any dark clothing into it's own load.

STEP 3: Make a load just for towels, for which they cause other items to be dingy.

STEP 4: Check the pockets for money, tissue, paper, etc.

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STEP 1: Gather all of your dirty clothing throughout the week in a laundry basket

STEP 2: Follow the sorting steps

TIP: If bleach is needed, fill the bleach in before the clothes go in

STEP 3: 1 by 1, put in your separate groups of colored clothing (not mixing them together)

STEP 4: Follow the washing directions below

STEP 5: Check the lint trap, if lint is left in there it may cause a fire.

STEP 6: Follow the drying directions below

STEP 7: After dryer is done, check the lint trap again

STEP 7: Follow the folding directions below

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Washing Directions

  • Check the label for specific directions on washing that item (if the label says hand wash, then fill the sink with water, detergent, and if desired, fabric softener. Put the clothing in the sink and let it sit for 2 to 5 minuets. Then start hand washing. When done, hang up to dry.)
  • If you can use a washing machine, then put the desired amount of clothing in (not too much) and set the dial to the correct settings (warm water, cold water, hot water).
  • Add the desired amount of laundry detergent depending on the size of your load.
  • Start the washer and wait until it is done

Drying Directions

  • Clean the lint trap
  • Check the label for specific drying directions (air dry, tumble dry, etc.)
  • Put the clothes in the dryer
  • If desired, put in fabric softener
  • When dryer is done, immediately take out the clothes, fold and put away.
  • If clothes are left in the dryer, then there will be wrinkles. If your dryer has a freshen up setting, then run the clothes again but in that setting to get rid of wrinkles, or use a wrinkle release spray.
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Coffee & Tea: Using an eyedropper or cotton swab, rinse the stain with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water; repeat as needed. Treat with a stain stick, then launder as usual.
Ketchup: Rinse under cold running water. Treat with liquid detergent; let stand for a few minutes before rinsing. Blot with vinegar; repeat as needed. Launder as usual.
Mustard: Scrape off excess, then run under cold running water. Treat with liquid detergent; let stand for a few minutes before rinsing. Treat with a stain stick, then launder as usual.
Oil & Butter: Sprinkle flour, talcum powder, cornstarch or artificial sweetener on both sides of the stain and let sit for 30 minutes. Shake off the powder; the stain should be faded or gone. Rub in some dishwashing soap and rinse under hot water; repeat as needed.
Soy Sauce: Blot stain dry. Using a cotton swab, dab the stain with white vinegar, then hydrogen peroxide, if needed. Ammonia can also be used, but should be rinsed immediately with cold water after the stain is gone. Rinse, then launder as usual.