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A Private Discovery in Dalhousie

A Private Discovery in Dalhousie

Dalhousie is one of the few hill towns that did not gain the kind of affection other hill stations like Darjeeling, Nainital or Shimla received from the rest of India. Disowned by Lahore due to the Partition, its abandoned remains were loosely labelled “Dull and Lousy”. Yet, you have to be there and relies that it is anything but Lousy. Bakrota, Potreyn Road and Moti Tibba hills along with those well known churches and those picturesque views around will leave you simply in awe. Many of those British-style country houses have been converted into resorts in Dalhousie.

It were the British who first noticed the beautiful nature in Dalhousie and made it their summer retreat and developed it further. Subhash Chandra Bose and Rabindranath Tagore made their own private discoveries here in 1937 and 1873, respectively. Some residents believe that they can spot Lahore beyond the border on a clear night.

When you stay at one of the Dalhousie resorts, do not forget to visit Khajjiar, that is situated at the height of 6,430 ft. Originally, it was developed as a golf course by the British. This is a great and a favorite picnic spot with the locals as well as the tourists. The expansive meadow and a temple dedicated to Khajinag can also be found here. Khajjiar, with its lake, floating island, as well as horse-riding is a destination in itself.

For the adventurers, there is a 2-day trek from here to Dharamsala. One can stay put at one of those hotels and resorts in Dalhousie and plan their trek. this is a great way to be with the nature and enjoy those amazing views around. Those breathtaking landscapes and lush green forests of pine and cedar are a delight to walk through. You will come across crystal clear streams as well as other popular tourist spots that one would like to visit. Pick any of those hotels on mall road Dalhousie and you will find them strategically located near the market and other tourist destinations.

Dalhousie is a visual delight, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and those lofty mountain range of Himalaya. It is a marvelous experience to stay in Dalhousie, as there is plenty to do here and see here. Just stay at a good hotel in Dalhousie and enjoy salubrious weather all year round. Do carry an umbrella as those showers can be unpredictable. Tibetan market will lure you every time you are here and take some souvenirs back. Families with kids simply love being here and at
Dalhousie hotels because of some nice scenic spots and plenty of activities for them. Known as the valley of milk and honey, this is a delightful hill station that is a must to explore.

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