Walter Elias Disney

"Keep Moving Forward"


-Born December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois.

-Lived on a farm. Not wealthy.

-Had an early interest in art. Sold drawings to neighbors.

-Had an extremely stern father who was not very successful.

-Tried to join the military service.

-Ended up working for the red cross driving an ambulance in France.

-Sneaked out to perform comical skits.


-Walts first small company, Laugh-O-Lots, went bankrupt.

-Oswald and the Lucky Rabbit was taken from him.

-Had a mental breakdown when creating his cartoon shorts.

-Had a difficult time getting the rights to Mary Poppins.

How he overcame those obstacles

-Falling bankrupt-----> Hollywood to pursue his dreams.

-Walt was a dreamer.

-Oswald-----> had vision for Mickey Mouse on the train ride home. Kept sketching.

-Breakdown-----> Went on second honeymoon with wife to refresh and relax.


-Created his "Alice Cartoons".

-Opened a Hollywood studio with his brother Roy in 1923.

-First full length animated musical, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

-Created 19 full-length featured films in his lifetime.

-Disneyland opened in 1955.

Mini BIO - Walt Disney